December 12, 2015

New Feral In Downsview

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This morning coming up to work top of the hill I immediately see a cat because the cat is seeing me. Way off in the distance. The second you’re above the hill you can feel yourself being looked at. 001

Assuming my usual calm galopy of a walking style, I smoothely advance. A photo every pause. The cat doesn’t move at all.

The little cat’s continous eye to stare is quite remarkable.

I myself after all am simply walking into work, from the bus stop. Early morning. But for this cat I’m the quandry it didn’t need. This is a newish cat in a something of a squeeze. I know of all the gemcat descendents, little crazy fast black cats like feline bears, feral since before 2007 in a lineage, and the cats that use the broken windows and damaged cars for warmth. Could be a relative of the one with sliding eyes that died down by the brook.

Feral cats are like a weird dream in our society. Our dear little pets, but wild, surviving by zipping under cars and finding something it can eat. Our pets gone crazy.

It’s great they’re so different than us. Cats and dogs like to smell each others’ asses and humans and crocodiles really don’t.


The ironic thing with seeing this cat this morning is that as I approached it talking and attempting to communicate by gestures and crouched for a nice clear photograph the boss of the company with a used car biz there arrived to work. They have a lot of issues with attacks on their used cars. They’re always trying to catch who is damaging their used cars and windows. I have nothing at all against them and find them likeable, just neighbouring workers. Beneficence, good people. The guy rolls down his window and inquires. “I’m just interested in the cat under there. Of course the cat vanishes and it’s just a car I’m gesturing to. He starts to advance his car and I advance then pulls up beside me again. I genuinely like the guy who runs that place, cool human being, so I take the opportunity to bond, and say “the cat looks like it’s probably still pretty tame.” I hear his voice out of his car “The cat? It’s free!”


(Later when I went out on break my eyes were immediately focused on what some sparrows were doing. Didn’t even notice the police car coming along. They must have seen me looking where the sparrows were, because they went by all focused on where the sparrows had been before they came along haha

I have to know where the feral cats are at from sparrow perspective besides the other feral cats. Cats and spiders, most adaptable animals outside humans chimpanzees apes and monkeys. Monkeys and cats and giraffes. The Life!



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