November 23, 2015

Crazy Man on Streetcar Condemns whole busload to Hell

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My front tire’s been going soft fast ever since Friday when the bike shop put on a new tire
so I took the chance of TTC. Belgium, France, shut down, global paranoia carefully maximized
but the streetcars booming with business of a November Sunday.

This chisel faced oldschooler piles on at the first stop we come to.
He’s pure throwback, bitten features and a 1940s serious man’s tweedy boiler
and no sooner has he taken a seat then he’s rejoining the fight from the bus stop
They’d all waited about twenty minutes from the sounds of it with this guy going at them
“they’re all going to hell, confused children of Satan,” and most of those from that bus stop
are already ready to scrap with them. They’d had more than enough at the bus stop.

Usually on TTC I don’t join in those smiles and laughs at people being crazy “oh haha”

but this guy really broke the roof on it. Some of his contenders from the bus stop
were already laying into him from throng at the in the middle of the double length bus
and he was hurling apocalypse at them, all listening to their Iron Maiden and going to hell
too confused by their little devices and never had a true moment in their lives
and pretty stark with the wording! Someone on the streetcar tells him off
for saying all this shit with a child and his grandfather sitting in front of him.

Dude winds up the vocal chords and goes at grandfather and grandson
telling the ever increasing passengers that the kid, who looks about 6,
will also grow up to be a confused satan worship idiot just like his grandfather
and the grandfather’s head flips back with laughter at this incredible riser
then the supercute redhead in one of the single seats across from him
gets into it. She too had boarded at the stop that he got on at.
Just lays down the law. She’s about 5.5 and 107 pounds of artfulness
and has the smartphone engaged to film him if really gets at it.

Zero fear she strafes the guy, and I move to the outside seat to cut him off
if he physically goes at her. He jousts off attacking her listening choices
and dismissing her as an opponent. Then there’s the sound of a voice
of someone behind me who sounds like he’s about 6.4 220
who doesn’t like being called Satanic. Wiry Mr Chiselfeatures
goes full dark salt spray on the back of the bus crowd.
Reaffirming his views on Satanic modern humanity
and its continual ignorance, confusion, and distraction.

Meanwhile two large dogs and a baby carriage have completely filled the aisle
Both dogs look to have some husky in them, one all white, the other also incredibly well behaved
the redhead is now all about the baby in the baby carriage, and has joined
a communion of the infants defense crew, which is substantial,
and includes the white husky, more or less wrapping itself around the baby carriage.

Chiselface gets up and rattles a bit most perturbed by the tiny beautiful red haired gal
but heads to the front. Once vertical and way at the front he goes town
on the whole bus load. Does anyone think he cares what people think of him?
An elderly likely Greek, Italian or Portugese man at the front is now concerned
with getting past him and they argue while chisel continues denouncing us all.
Different new people to the streetcar react with shock when he singles them out.
Going to hell, fast. Completely ignorant.

We arrive to a stop and incredibly it looks like he’s getting off, but no.
He’s making a show of intimidating the old Greek man from getting off.
The Greek tells him to get out of his fucking way and get off the bus.
Chisel directs a few pointed insults at several of his foes and still again
tries to get at me with some remarks but I just look out the window.

Huge cheers as he disembarks.

On the way back, the streetcar actually hit a guy
who walked right in front of it when it was going full speed
but the guy was unhurt and just wanted to leave.
He just walked right into its path.
The double length streetcar blocked College St for 15 minutes
032before all protocols had been followed.



  1. This is about as wonderful a post as I have ever read anywhere ever in my considerable years!! Whatta descriptive and inspired joy. So grateful for its sharing. Let’s here it for bus rider communities!! Rose

    Comment by Rose and Dick DeShaw — November 24, 2015 @ 12:04 am

  2. This world has always been crazy, and things don’t seem to be getting better. About the man in the streetcar, I do agree that much of what is being done is Satanic! Wars are Satanic! Violence is Satanic! Injustice is Satanic! All facets of any kind of sadism is Satanic!

    Comment by Rosalba — November 24, 2015 @ 3:44 am

  3. Ya but the people on the bus are pretty full fledged random, coming from many different distances down the Bathurst line, and all kinds of different sorts of people, and not one seemed Satanic to me. Just sensible good people using the streetcar rather than jamming up the area with cars. Many were just on to somewhere along Bathurst and some to the land of skycraper apartment buildings down there, getting off bewildered in that non-self-explanatory area, and then a confused crew heading to the Marlies game as I was. My friend walked there, which might be the least Satanic of means of getting there, but it’s a hilly region, without much gain in speed. The bike is likely fixed now. Keeping it indoors tonight.

    Comment by oversion — November 24, 2015 @ 4:08 pm

  4. how did you make this story so beautiful, john?

    Comment by Broken Cloud Company — December 14, 2015 @ 1:36 pm

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