October 25, 2015

2015 NDP Exodus

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To be the government amounts to an oath to being fair, and
also to a large extent to be good employers.

Would we be good employers if employees had worked around the clock
at incredible pace for many months and when finally the results came in
we dumped vitriol on them? I’ve worked for people like that, and I did not
consider them fair. How about thanking them for their incredibly hard work?
Mulcair, Dewar, Nash, Cash, Craig Scott, Linda McQuaig. The NDP is as strong now
as they had been. This is Canadian democracy where second place
accomplishes almost nothing. The electorate picked up on that
if the political parties didn’t. And the electorate, the governed,
are the largest party in any country.

The move to being more like the other parties, top down, frugal, ‘centrist’
was depressing for me, or maybe just boring, but we gave it a chance as a strategy.
And the Liberals deftly beat the strategy. A lesson learned. The NDP MP’s
worked unbelievably hard for those seats. They should all keep them and make
the most they can out of them. Mulcair has earned that chair.

ps Mulcair doesn’t seem all that NDP to me. So there’s that.
A respectable and admirable human being, sharing much in common
with both Liberals and NDP and even Conservative. Comes down well
on a lot of it. But I’ve never thought of the NDP as a party
where you sacrifice your own opinion in favour of what the party decides.
There can be differences within a party and if there aren’t there’s no oxygen
and the party dies. The sentence “This will get us elected” should be shelved

A growing process for everyone.

The NDP policy platform would quite definitively have been the best for me personally
and people of my sort, even though Trudeau offers some similar things.
Also the stern opposition to raiding cash from unemployment insurance into general revenue
which has somehow redefined the word insurance. And Old Age Pensions
given that my RRSP loses as much as I save every quarter
I’d say it’s inevitable I’ll be broke in old age.
The Banks take half your life savings and winnow down your half
and you’re supposed to rely on savings rather than anything solid.
The banks can lose all your savings.

What can I do? I save up money put it in RRSP and the RRSP loses it.

The Banks and insurance companies and government are all pretty much one giant thing.
And what they are is processors of what the rest of us do.

It’s just that unglamourous.

Respect 009work.


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