October 3, 2015

the best form of self-defense is a non-violent life …truly

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Bill C-51 and Earth

My thoughts about this, if anyone wonders, aren’t directed toward court rooms, but towards means of not letting effect behaviour. It’s to suffocating and miserable to live in a way that is geared towards how it will be viewed future employers’ doing background checks or by secret agencies given free lance power or by hackers for that matter. When it comes to government surveilaince, one rationalization helps take it off my mind if it ever is on it: In the pre C-51 world, the technology was there, the ability was there, and those in the police service willing to use it, ie., to cheat, already had that opportunity to do so. And it’s mainly the ones that would cheat one worries about being given omnipotent supralegal power over others. That more may cheat now that it’s legal, and unobserved, is possible. But I have a second provisio. While there is said to be too little or no oversight, since much of it is conducted on computers, there is that kind pure and absolute record of the internet portion, and all other digital portions. Cheaters would know that ultimately it is knowable every decision they made. (Cheaters being those who use such power with illegitimate motive, or just illegitimately.) The digital world is a kind of absolute oversight to all that sweeps through it. It is people who have a vestige of common spirit of being, of wanting this much shared this much mutually. Even as lovers might meet every Sunday but not get in each other’s hair the rest of the week haha. Mutually developed degrees of sharing. The Other doesn’t want to know every detail of the lover’s days at work and on the bus and essentially relive their life continuously while living their own. Do not lose your humanity.


Russia Invades Syria/Skies, or, the sky doesn’t rise in the west

everything that was already true is true anyway. I find a lot of this guy’s write up of it informative but don’t really agree with his interpretation of Putin’s or Russia’s motives or intents, specially as regards to U.S. politics, though agree with waiting him out, as the outcome will far exceed the plan, in meaningful result. Russians versus the mysterious and less and less real sounding ISIS. Shouldn’t such information devouring countries know where the money is coming from by now? They capture an oil well – who buys the oil?




every animal is an individual
they are collective though
in their way


At least someone knows you said it
You are in fact free



Saudi Arabia beheads more people than ISIS,it’s like their calling card, and Canada is helping arm them. 911 was principally Saudi. Osama Bin Laden was like the New England Patriots of Saudi Family. The oil industry has the money to do nearly anything.

Human beings can also


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