October 1, 2015

The Bird Newspaper, September 30, 2015

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Starlings are this magnificent species of bird.
There are over 400,000 of them nearyby at any given tine

Every change of season the very organized group sends teams of high end starlings
to scout then invade full out in sudden takeovers the sparrows habitats
in the old piping holes and damaged shipping dock buffers and some of the vents
as happenchance works.

Some of the vents are deathtraps for birds I expect, or even portals into the building’s
disastrous for a bird interior. That aside, it is general full fledged sparrow territory.
The whole workplace area goes Sparrow all around the building, light ecological footprint
and cleans for insects, and never attacks people. Starlings are double or triple the size
and brilliantly intellectual birds, far more evolved than humans, just not in our piping and vents
The Starlings are large, in the vents and piping it’s a winterlong nightmare
like the worst hbo addictive season ever, the starlings just going insane in the piping
and every monday morning a dead starling having worked its way all through the piping

sparrows just stay in the little area there, near the opening. they ‘re scared of the dark
because as you know, it is has never been completely dark outside, at times it’s been dark
but there is always light – until trapped indoors in a workplace birds shouldnt’ go
May 2015


The good news is that no sparrows or starlings are trapped in the building.
Such stress once a bird gets in.


I live in pure sparrow territory
so while I respect starlings enormously
it’s pure sparrow territory.
They need it, it’s their’s, that should be the end fo it.
I look for peace with the starlings.
they have a much larger world
our building and the nearby plaza are sparrow nests
and I will throw things

That said starlings are magnificent



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