August 12, 2015

Rare Hawk Convergence

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I’d been hearing a hawk crying out over the building
so when I got out of work I was really happy to be free
to wander around looking for the hawk. I saw a huge one,
not a local; blackish with queen anne’s lace brilliant edgings.

It was riding huge winds at its altitutes, screaming away
most entertainingly. What could have it mad?
Three seconds raising the camera and it was 3000, 4000, 7000 feet away


I’d barely taken 15 more steps around the side of the building
when again to my left I hear hawk screams. They’re coming in loud
and scrapy, and I can’t tell distance, but different directions.
Get to a clear spot and I see two similar hawks in the sky
both setting up and then just letting the wind hit them
wings out not moving a muscle purest sailing
periodically screaming.

I get a photo and they go zooming back across the building complexes where I work
and I think, hawk show over, but only a second goes by, when I hear
another hawk scream, still from the left. So this hawk screams
and is answered from the other two, and the first one,
big hawks moving in, at least for the evening. To view the Plaeiades

Hang time of the photo the hawk covers 700 feet and lands tree top
3rd on the left


Therefore, that one is that tree back around the cover behind the buildings,
a few large trees back, and the other two are back beyond our building,
and the first one fanned off south, and I get to the bus stop and hear
a hawk cry out. I really should have skipped evening plan and gone looking
to see what the hawks were gathering for.




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