June 18, 2015

Wioletta Greg’s Finite Formulae and Theories of Chance as translated by Marek Kazmierski in reviewq

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Such a great book of poetry. I’ve found six or seven poems and quotes would directly go in to the great poetry joys of all time with William Butler Yeats Second Coming, WS Merwin’s Beginning, NS Shelley’s Clouds and the wind itself. Poems so fast or changeful every word so quick.

My first read of the poems my habitualist western mind’s speed counts was missing constantly, zipping to the end of the punctuation and having to go back.
Thats why poetry lasts 400 years whereas prose struggles to find a century or two.

Reading again and again and better the next time there’ll be poems that the same person has re-read hundreds of thousands of times as well as everyone else re-reading them several dozen times just like hearing Bob Marley songs ‘could you be love’ and the many forms of punk poetry all over the planet

but so fantastic
“A man leaps out of a four wheel drive and, camera in hand, runs toward the rushes. I’m certain he wants to show his wife, who is dying in St. Mary’s Hospital, how pale blue heron’s eggs are hatching by the lake.”

My first experience of that

It was fully exhiliarating reading every poem, always my mental assumptions of pacing flying end over end and having to go back and on third try getting the turn of grammar completely with triple pay off



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