April 27, 2015

April 27 Squirrel Week Begins!

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Nice spring day here, nice spring. And Mondays are so special.
Mondays you get to get up into your worklife and get a taste of the future.

“Another weekend ends in photos and waking to a rainy workday”


The concerns of the week so distinct from the concerns of Saturday and Sunday
At any given time how many hundreds or thousands may be rioting
but 98% are doing what they do, taking the kids to school,
doing mass transit, learning something at their job
The time comes when the Koch Bros could respect all the effort

You did it, you solved the riddle of the Sphinx and survived the winter

Myrical Clouds Day

California will soon be out of water and already was disaster prone
I know people there and know they love it
but no water can be a bit of a headache
Here we live in what was once the largest fresh water ocean
back when the shore was up in Downsview (1000,000 years ago
or back when it was at St Clair Avenue and the traintracks 10,000 years ago
All of downtown Toronto is the bottom of this former ocean
and Lake Ontario is still as large as time is convex
and even cement will be opals and diamonds in a billion years


The feral cats may not appreciate this either
and yet it’s a struggle for them as well
beautiful cat006
This one really impressed me. His or her positioning there
on the steep landfall down into the ravine below our industrial tableau
reinforced with endless concrete the cat is in the rough
stalking a squirrel in a tree that goes all the way down
to the land around the creek, where it’s like glaciers
crashed into an already extant lake in prehistory
plunged out the ravine system (in the suddenly chill area
Imagine living here as glaciers came through!

and there’s this cat, a 100 foot up the side of the fall
patiently watching the squirrel 004

Squirrels have made themselves so unpopular with so many people
who just dream of a world without squirrels
but squirrels are a fantastic species
I’ve bought a whole bag of quality nuts and look forward to amazing them
as the week begins



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