April 3, 2015

A Myanmar Prison – In the Name of the Buddha

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I try to think of any belief or totem of thought that would lead to the belief
in such a sentence being valid – Something some other party could say
about something I believed in that would merit their punishment as a nonbeliever
on such strict grounds. There simply isn’t anything. If someone indicated harm
to someone you could see putting them out of the option to do that harm.
But a remark, an image, about something everyone knows some believe in
and some do not remains ridiculous to me.

Even as the Good Friday Easter Sunday presentations ready themselves.
It’s a yearly challenge, between fascinating reminscenses across my
five and a half decades, (and sincere lack of belief or even sense-making
of the religion. …Roman penal system tortures the still young wonderkind to death
in grotesque public display, and out of this beginning, Rome becomes
centre of the church obsessed with crucifiction and redemption after suffering,
mercifulness, and an ever emboldened activist strip. It’s not that it’s not
dramatic enough for me, but evidence. So I’d be an apostate in orthodox Russia
(like the female punk band, yes, pussy riot) or a heretic somewhere else
or an evil atheist in a born again stadium church in America. But I would not
stop thinking I was just myself, with every right to exist, reflecting on the world I’m in.



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