March 5, 2015

Ice Falcons and Merganser Falconry

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???????????????????????????????The joy that is weather

and the foible that the city avoids lawsuits

in a thick briny coating on all the electrical works in the city
to cause outage generating corrosion
large swathes of town including my work environ
without Electricity today. So after weeks
of being tortured with stories of suffering ducks
on the lake frozen out of their food and habitat,
I hurried down there with kale and bread
in the unexpected day off
to try to reach the odd one,
with another ARCTIC BLAST coming in tonight
as ABC put it. (Arctic Blast Corporation, we could call it.)
All I found were these three
Ice Falcons, each different looking because of the cold.
One was a spectacular interfolding many shades of
brown and white and blackish, incredibly similar to a duck really,
though these were Ice Falcons, because of their behaviour.
Another had a velvetty green head and flashed bright&black patches
on his wings, like the people of Northern England do, especially on holiday.
With falcons you have to catch them in the mood to be photographed
and the third one, obviously somewhat thinned by the non-advancing weather
circled wide and far and back over us again.
The distance he flew made one entirely doubt it was thinking of our little area. The last time it came along I’d already had a couple tries with the camera  fast like about 90 miles an hour, the long sleek bird looked like a machine gunner plane coming straight at me but on this last charge such as horns should have been resounding rapidly it hurled out its wings and parts and landed.
No interest in the bread or kale for this one tho, that was attracted most
by the patch of unfrozen water, which our presence had alerted it too.
You will see all three of the birds in the final frame very clearly.

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