January 26, 2015

The Musical Chairs of Winter

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The cold coffee grounds of January
are now building up
in the corners of rooms.
Some minds waver
to an all is pain
sub zero temperature and
existence complications turmoil
that gets right into the body structure
the constant wind and cold
and special intervening admixture of damp
in its special times
and places.

In slow motion
as the athletic migrant sensibility
attempts to live with ever further injury
into the winter. When the temperature rises slightly
the dampness rises
and seems to carry the messages of
what people have been feeling
released into the atmospheric moment

And then it gets colder
again and things square off
some in, some out,
as the musical chairs gaming
of housing and shelter runs gamuts
through each individual’s planning

All of it as if played out on a ship at sea
where there’s no other options.




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