September 16, 2014

Comic Books, Pork Industry, Charlie Brown, Pigs

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Ive often suspected that having the pork industry around
effects people’s minds. Pigs are sensitive, heavily
thoughtful beings, two thirds closer to humans
than dogs, to put it nicely, and the scentful vibe
of distress and misery radiates out big from such places,
overwelming depression among the painfully imprisoned
large animals. Oh the nightmare of being large
in unfree circumstances.

Toronto’s old name was Hog Town, not as much in use
any more, (replaced with Toronto The Good, and,
The Big Smoke) but there is still a slaughterhouse.
Abusing large trapped animals without options,
no room for growth, no choices they can make,
no way of negotiating out of their position,
nothing they can offer or take command,
permanently injured to the depths of their being.
If dogs were in that situation, would they take it well?
Or cats? Dogs and cats have intuitive depths
and it’d be absurd to suggest pig’s didn’t also
have many elements to their minds.

…all this from seeing phrase Pigtown.

As to comics, I was a wimp sentimentalist
of a comic book reader. No he-men superheroes,
just Charlie Brown, Bugs Bunny, and books
like the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.
Gandalf was probably the only qualifying superhero,
as Batman was so clearly funny, and not really
dealing with crime in any serious way.

The reading of Charlie Brown carried well into life,
not just childhood. By some means I owned a massive,
bound, ‘complete’ Charlie Brown, on that worst of
dirty dry scrapy grey paper, but bound, solid,
and always available, like Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil,
and all the Keats & Shelley you could ever find.
It was the go to book when we’d move yet again,
and again be a complete stranger at an odd age
0in some new unknown town or village.
When we first moved to the Riverside area in Windsor,
the streets resembled Charlie Brown streets,
and I lived like at the bottom of a well
in the dry showy front room, that had nothing fun
in it, isolating the book in hand. When we then moved
to St Clair Beach, which in 12 year old world
is completely away from Windsor, I went back to it,
reading it my room with the trees in the window,
completely shut off from the world.
An inexhaustible book of hundreds of pages
with many plates per page. Whole stories or episodes
in two busy pages.

It’s a continued carnage against a species
that is disgusting and horrid like a sick crime movie.

One day I should read JD Salinger.


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  1. You would feel right at home, John Barlow, if you ever visited St. Paul, Minnesota. Characters from “Peanuts” lounge and stroll, stand and sit on and around the sidewalks of the city in honor of Charles Shulz, who used to live there. I can barely think about the home conditions of hogs. I eat and enjoy pork once in awhile. We buy our meat carefully from caring producers. That leaves a lot to be desired, though, doesn’t it?

    Comment by maridis — September 25, 2014 @ 1:34 am

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