September 7, 2014

Experimental Pre-Autonomic streamofconsciousness Phenomenalistic Planet Consciousness Concerns

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This below is just an email in relaxed free exploration writing about the conflicts in the world and media representation.


it’s more like current things running through it all and hoping for change but, what change? open ended thinking.

other tags: Brazil, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Australia, everyone

at the same time nonhistorical and nonpositional
just trying to improve the dialogue.
Typos sustained. Anything positional on all this
I’d see what happens for a long time, as of now.



The article is something of a work of art on top of it all.
Whats contained in it, about 600 significant events
that go into the topic “isil” or even if you call it the middle east. Dozens of historical serious alterations.

The tv takes all that and every so often presents
two minutes on just one of those major changes,
then an expert says why it’s significant
and the public decides if it really is or not,
then for 3 days repubs attack dems for not doing
enough about it, oblivious to 39 other dimensions
or just as significant developments, not even paying attention,
not even wondering, just robotically attacking Obama,
meaningless journalism, and on tv at that.

Medium attention lasts 3 weeks maximum,
from Ferguson to Donetsk to Mosul and back,
and it’s always Obama’s fault for not doing enough.

The serious left comparable at times in a way.
It’s always previous American foreign policy to blame.
You never even get to discuss whats going on there,
in the Middle East Africa South Asia or Europe,
because it’s all about the American foreign policy.
How does that satisfy every component of the matter?
Blame U.S. or not and then what? It’s the
rest of the world is blank, non-occurring,
non-effecting, the only thing going on on the
rest of the planet is American foreign policy.

I’m sick of it as an intellectual trap – if you
say anything about most places it’s like you’re only
plying the levers on US foreign policy
as if any of us even effect that,
and there’s no such thing as the other place,
they are only reflections of the light
of american foreign policy debate, rep vs dem.

Canada has its own laws system and perspective
because it’s different being the underling
and because much of the best of the future of Canada
is here, and much of it on native land as they say,
the resources happen to be under First Nations territory
in case after case around the country from coast to coast.
So all our wealth for burning up in overseas war
actually is subject to negotiation with First Nations
most of of the several hundred such Nations
against overseas war, with connections to those wars few.
oil reserves, new mines, many value minerals,
a strange ice bucket of wealth
inside the Ring of Fire.
And you can google that.

Chretien deciding not to go to Iraq
is one of the boons of our present times
among non boons effecting things.

As someone who has to actually live here in ongoing time
Canada’s real war clout and economic clout to fund war clout
doesn’t take into account internal legal conflict
over different forms of consciousness and world view
owning or mutually owning everything.

You can go through the Nations.
Mohawks, what global prejudice
or presumption would the greater
Mohawk world view unveil upon
eastern europe, the middle east,
the southern european economic stresses
and once prominent reactionaryisms,
Golden Dawn in the news lately,
or poverty in world cup brasil,
and ‘aboriginals’ there, rather,
the people whose it was.

I had a genius Mayan coworker in the 90s for 4 years
in a sound proof room with Manny for most of that time
a mind to transcend that consciousness of that era,
he’d use the shit computer we operated the old telex with
and teach himself at a post doc level in things
then show me some of it after management went home.
He’d program the computer to erupt in Mayan symbols
when a certain thing was typed, which I never figured out.

So what is the Mayan view of Ukraine Palestine Baghdad Guatemala

the things the media terrorizes u.s. citizens
and denizens with changes weekly in full
orwellian bloom.

Not terrified of Mexico anymore Mr Baehner
incensed about libya yet mr McCain

and oh saying the 911 terrorists
came from Canada
thats the heavens to betsy

bring us your tired and crazed and your draft dodgers
and people who’d be happier in Canada. Mohawks Abe Lincoln
as it were was Brant from upstate New York
fought on the northern side for a separate system
in return for 6 miles either side of the river
I think of as the Brant river
which has never been bartered away,
lands where he advanced
a pluralistic all welcoming
friendly kind mohawk caliphate as it were
with the thanks of the founding prefathers of Canada decades later

1st principles:

Canada is an English French Caliphate of Europe
transposed upon several hundred nations that were here
when ‘settlers’ appeared

Miqmaw, Cree, and the North, and the Qest
living in conditions as bad as Syria or Palestine
by way of devasation, mouldy shacks in minus 60 temperatures
not in favour of war in Iraq.

The Ring of Fire people, Guardians of the Sacred Lakes,

on the ascendancy, it’s not just mining,
it’s smart mining, the ground itself
is like a history surviving bank account
with Quebec Ontario and the Federal Government
all a factor as well as US Investment firms,
and China would buy it for 8 trillion immediately.
Any imaginary price you would like

In a world where the same miserable dollars
we spend are produced by insane systems in the trillions,
yet broken baked scratch as reaches us


This has been an informal, inspired, review of:

1 August



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