March 14, 2014

Peace in the Ukraine, Two versions

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Ukraine’s Ambassador to Canada was on Power & Politics with Evan Solomon, who finally got to
some of the largest question marks I’ve had about the situation. Stressing that Ukraine is a large country with quite a raw belief, a large country,no backing down. A belief that strong in Ukraine. While in Russia it can be perceived as Europe making its move to get at Russia’s oil industry, and the oil itself of course. It’s like oil industries have armies, and the rest of us are just running around with the veneer of the rest of the politics. Visceral.

It’s definitely time for the likes of me to de-escalate thats for sure. I’m making a list of similar relationships. There’s the vivid versions of the US and Canada relationship, the Canada and Quebec relationship, the Ontario Quebec relationship, Canada and Each First Nation, the many First Nations and Others on their territory. The First Nations are Nations, yet get drained in court by frackers and tarsanders, a situation of a resource corporation being simply richer and larger than a Nation. Just in that sentence, hundreds of literal Russia Ukraine relationships.

With the oil and fuel industries subtly brined through all of the relationships, which can be cooperative and self-believing, or popped for a ‘who gets the spoils’ game represented by the existence of billionaires. The product of a game.

It matters, the Russian side of the equation matters, Those opposed to Putin’s idea of life in Russia are in the same boat as all other civilians, the non military world…

Whether Russia would be at war with Ukraine or at war with Ukraine plus Europe and America.
I emerged sympathetic to Russia’s situation, in either scenario. And sympathetic to Ukraine’s situation in the many scenarios. Ukraine believes in Ukraine, and Moscow would feel as Ottawa would if there were suddenly a new unaligned power quite up so close, with the possibility of more.

Will the meek inherit the earth? There are many meanings to that question.

I think you have to wrap sympathy around all the people under this cloud.

There haven’t been many wars that everyone agrees on. living in Toronto, and the writing and arts worlds, all places are friends

Make the storm pass



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