November 25, 2013

History of Oversion

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Around the transition of the 80s to the 90s, like a different species of life postmodernity, from Animal Farm and Watership Down to Pottersville Variations and Tech Everything, the possibilities of both economics and poetry were very grand and promising, and the instinct in humanity to be inclusive and generous was strong. Postmodernism and Feminism had opened poetry to infinite variety of presentation, and despite ‘overheated markets’ and ‘Recession’ the possibilities for an independent healthy intelligent form of living developing was practically inevitable, given the lakes, space, soil, tectonic shield,


The important thing was to make it all inclusive, comprehensive, and life to become wonderful for all.

OVERSION was always a process, and it’s complete non-rejecting inclusive policy of simply reflecting what was coming in worked well. I felt it had the most comprehensively universal politics that it seemed only funny when the almost standardized political critiques came in from people probably assuming that the magazine was being directed in the usual judgemental ways, when reflecting what came in was simply fun and enjoyable.

The Oversion Constitution was made the masthead of the next few issues and sequels of issues. The numbers were based on 1995 or 94 even relative requirements of the society to function. It’s not the direction the society went. As of 1997, when my father was dying of 5 types of cancer, as I always felt it an approximately mutual kind of project, for his entertainment I set out somewhat cartographically and psychically into the future, estimating how long it would take, if in the middle and latter 1990s things didn’t swerve in the direction of inclusiveness, environmentalism, healthy practises, and a far more peaceful relationship with the other continents, right then. Which again, seemed utterly possible at the time.

Not entirely surprisingly it lurched in other directions and the 2000s went off the chess board. But even then, 2014 had seemed the most promising year.

By 2018 best have some of these global internecine and environmental avalanches and desertifications start pulling in the same direction. Radical climate change and chronic devastating poverty injustice and lubricious over expensed psychotic wealth in a storm? on a not too long later unlivable planet. Space exploration is not what it seems.


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