November 8, 2013

Quick Pole: Mulcair or Trudeau?

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  1. I thought I’d had a bad day. Biking home in bad traffic and darkness
    got an eyelash in my eye. Eye nuts the whole way.
    Then with no food at home, stopped in a posh mini grocery for hot takeout
    and a cute woman who looks unplaceably familiar
    makes eye contact with me as its juttering.
    Then I have a slippery plastic tray of meat and one of salad
    the eye goes nuts, I try to balance them in one hand to get at my eye
    the steak takes off airborn, I go for the diving catch, tip it off the
    nut stand
    and finally do make a diving catch after 7 feet of fumbles
    just as she heads my way again. She laughed, I laughed,
    and then there she is right behind me in line,
    and my eye is going nuts again. I try to ignore it,
    then finally have to step back and have a go at the eye.
    She looks aghast. I wish I’d explained about the eye lash.
    But no. Another checkout came open, and I looked at my stuff
    and said “you go ahead, I’d just get into more trouble.”

    Now there’s a cute woman, familiar from somewhere,
    who figures I’m some kind of spaz’s spaz ultra weird spaz,
    and the level of familiarity about her likely means
    she’ll turn up in some social situation and wince with dread
    upon seeing me, keeping 10 feet away.
    I’m already imagining tripping into the punch bowl.

    Comment by jrb — November 21, 2013 @ 12:28 pm

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