July 24, 2013

The best Stretching Tips boiled down in the luddite form

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here is the key to stretching for those that don’t stretch well

if as most your heart races with concern for people you love

use the reaching back for grandma and reaching back for great grandma

standing up stretching excercize of keeping eyes forward

wrapping arms back to the left as far as they will go, staying balanced

then to the right as far back, staying straight in the front,

and go back to the left, reaching back gramma

and then to the right reaching back for great gramma’s hands


When you are starting to feel smoothe, adopt your arms above your head

in the shape of the trees and buildings that leads to the open sky

at this point a breeze should begin to be heard shimmering then expanding

until it breathes


You should start to feel more optimistic at this point

at least that you’ll successfully stretch



lie down and do the legs. starpoint, flop, reverse starpoint, flop, rest



then the simplest of all, knees joined verticle turn only below belt, drop right, vertical, drop left, verticle, wait for the click, and repeat the left right sitting down, all the way back to the left, all the way back to the right, barracuda

rest then stand, and drop arms down weightless
shimmer in and with the willow tree

howl and cry. At this pøint personally I like to get down on all fours and talk to the ground like it was a microphone to another world, and anything would be a relief, to rest again, I slept in every Saturday from 1960 to 2013, with rarest exceptions and now wake at 7 and again until giving up and being awake. Stretch
route jb wishing well

In lieu of being relaxed it is important to stretch so muscles work well

and then, it is a lot like relaxing

it works as well as it does, more than any pill, dust, or awful remedy or alternative. beyond that, excercize, and creative talking

There is one thing which helps and that is alignment
One can tug the calves smoothely through the knee with the arms
and find the future in the rise of the neck

breathing and calm may return

the knees must be let flow
and the heart return with memory

the heart must be let flow
and the feet


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