July 9, 2013

the ttc backup plan the city

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its like lethal mortal battle to get home
from work when there’s trouble with the ttc.
there seems to be no plan b. cross their fingers and hope.
the system falls apart

and the only issue is communication.
have a protocol and communicate it.
it’s like it’s chaos.

i went out for a smokebreak mid to later afternoon
stunned to see this huge mysterious darkness approaching
30 seconds it took to bombard our roof.
i made the decision to wait out the storm working
because there was endless work to do. monday tired
but as much as possible. but at 5,40 i was tired of it
and there was a hint of the sound of rain gap for the bus stop walk
checked ebay and processed a batch and set out with 2 tshirts on
let the first get soaked then bag it dry in the subway.

That all went well. Had I left without processing the amazon sales
i’d have been in the previous train that got trapped in the tunnel
when the power went out for the whole upper zone there
instead, i reached downsview station for the train that never left the station

Announcements like “my advice is leave the train and go upstairs
and get a shuttle bus. I assume they’re putting on shuttle buses
though no one has said anything.” Upstairs, no one knew what was happening.
I found a ttc guy and said “why no shuttle buses?” and he said “the far end”
witnessing a classic toronto scene where a shuttle bus driver awaiting
not in a loading area, opened his door to tell a woman she can’t come across
the bus yard because other buses are departing,  but she engaged him
in discussion
and a storm of ttc travellers flooded across the bus yard and pushed
past behind her
and got in, myself eventually joining while being polite working my
way to the door
in the floatilla mode, of not getting in front of anyone, just
eventually also boarding

The regrettably selected shuttle bus bulged uncomfortably to the gills
and eyelids
I was hung from a beam 2/5ths deep in the bus, and settled in for the
h’ing journey
full strength of arms to hold on, and rotating for different levels of
The street lights were also out, and nearly everyone on board knew
from announcements
that the driver was wrong about the subway working from glencairn on.
Announcements had been repeated that they’d closed it from st clair to
downsview and were turning
back trains, but it was the only thing south.

Maybe this is the true canadian vacation: With city wide gridlock
emergency crews and flooding, the simple lightning strike at 6
had paralyzed the upper half of Toronto. We spent hours in underpasses
inching along and flooded side routes to get to the next station.
We saw pedestrians that removed foot wear finding new ways to walk
through water, and individuals aboard were wildly voluble.
Three hours for the subway 20 minute journey.

Things turned rough when a man with a rare condition
got on, a strong man, but way out there, mind world,
forced through a deeply jammed bus to next to me
continuously angrily talking to himself, a kind of
blameful fighting being blamed raged loop of monologue
drove his arm through the space inches from my face
clutched on, then continued growling his annoyance
and rocking somewhat. It was harsh, and even minutely
embarrassing, to be genuinely annoyed, unhappily compassionate,
pushed and bumped 60 times, but then he tired, went silent,
and began falling asleep having tied his arms through the hanging hold on loops
while clutching the beams. He began regularly losing consciousness
and collapsing, and each time his hips would buckle and bang my side
bursting out from under him. Apart from hearing his raging circular mutterings
no one else was being effected, until he collapsed so completely
his strong hard arms came down on the others in the area.
snapping himself awake he uttered about it and regrouped
now desperately trying to stay awake, still hotly breathing over my shoulder
with his arm an inch and a half from my head clutching the beam right
where i was
with many tiny or slender people jammed inches all other directions
not a move to make, for an incredible length of time.

I got out and walked at the next station, and when people asked for info
as i tried to get through them I said ‘it is going nowhere, i’m
walking instead”
then caught a gridlocked bathurst bus 12 blocks over
which proved slower than walking as well, but
i did make it to beer store on dupont at 8:49pm, prior to closing


it is your friend



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