April 20, 2013

world stress past mid April

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criticism wafts up in the face of the peculiar ordeal
“how’d the guy get away in the first haze of bullets?
ban suv’s – ban all strictly military technology in the hands of merchant sales

Obama’s like “The Republican Party is skat! Get us a real opposition
not these dust gangsters with their gun deals running America.”

Time to break it down:

what is the relation of the NRA to the born again right wing christian fake churches?

If they don’t get along something could be achieved.
All seem like criminals to me.

Fraud artists and the same old back room gun dealer
with ludicrous power now.

But they’re backed by the oil and military industry,
and practically invented by pharmacuticals.
With the prison industry like the bouncer.
Add in nationwide traumatized big city cops
and you’ve got this gangly combustible mass
and what do poets and poor people matter at all?
Maybe it’s more important that the big religions, big economies
fight it out, in a meaingless way. Three way fights
you always hear of them, but no.

Russia fully against China and the NRA USA
China fully against Russia and the US and EU
USA against China and Russia at once, and them not allied

Pakistan steps up to the plate
Saudis count out the seconds
Australia tries to get there
France objects
Solomon Islands approves the league’s policy
Canada has no mind
Most of South America says no, specially Chile
and the Booker Institute
Berkeley comes down against it
Japan gets ready to rock
people still smile in parks
the world consists only in distress
and unoccupied lands

Is humanity having a Tom Waits enough evening?

It’s incredible

but it’s the show


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