March 14, 2013

ecole egalite 1% / 1:1

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I don’t see how it’s possible to argue that proportional representation wouldn’t refine representation and better represent. For most of my life political parties receiving 30 to 38 % of vote have mostly governed as if majorities of the populace, when it has rarely if ever been the case. Part of this has been an exchange between ancient british chameleon binarisms, whigs and tories, competing to right wing and left wing at once, hijacked one way and another (and another).

When we think of the future we have to think of the very best. Not just recent scraps. or old wounds. The future 10 minutes from now versus the future 2 years from now are both anything from concussional to progressive, but the real future is so many other things unlike the present, so unlike the present it rarely even remotely resembles all the images of the future. For instance Orwell’s 1984 was metaphorically and in outline accurate, but hardly precise, just interestingly similar.

I feel certain that Canada’s democracy would be far more interesting and amazing and wonderful with proportional representation electorally bringing out more of the real dynamic of politics from behind the bickering thieves ethos of the 19th century or the conjectural at best 20th century.

It’s also the sort of thing one leaves open writing of it, knowing that by the time it all transpires one will have not in the least from this era defined it, but perhaps been heard in the process.

Where but one’s eternal blog to go on at greater length,
so I will subsequently articulate preferences and concerns
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