November 4, 2012

Sparrow week, Starling weekend, & the Woods

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Juggling sparrow and starling loyalties
might sound hopeless, but it’s gone well

This week the hurricanes threw everything end over end
and my sparrow buddies at work were no exception
but I could hardly believe they’d succeeded
in making it through it all

Other birds were blown clear off the Atlantic
to inland lakes they’ll circle until they starve
used to sea food and plankton sides with everything

so when I returned to work after it all passed
and our trusty sparrows were as viable as ever
from the trees to our vents and the neighbours
discarded skids – the pro/am pickup truck world
thrives on them, and I see no issue with re-arranging
them for the bird and squirrel population

Knowing it would be cold on the weekend
I was giving them the version of wonderbread with
extra fibre from the crushed hulls sprinkled in.
Once their situation stabilizes and adapts to winter
the good seeded northern european bread will be back.
Was this wise?

When Friday finally ended, despite my feet
I toured the area and was rewarded with a laughably
happy bird display. Cardinals aren’t a rarity
but seeing a group of them is. They were happy
for whatever reason. Skipping along the fences ahead of me
zooming around corners and zapping over the fence
to trees. It was the first snow of the year here
invisible in the dozens of photos, it was already so dark.

It was dusk where I started out and sunset where I finished off.
An amazing variety of birds. I reached the end of the treed
part of the walk and saw birds I thought were seabirds at first
skittering like sandpipers, but focused eyes to see they were
juncos, lots of them. In the photos, which I’m saving to the end
so the viewer isn’t tossing back and forth between what I happen
to say and the photos which are what they are –

Today my day off is all talk on the phone and information catch up

then the long awaited moment to go up from the
intersection of dupont and christie to the traintracks
and watch the starling festivals this time of year.

Ever since an impassioned plea the starlings near work
stopped hassling the sparrows that live on the back of our building
at work – and they did. I won’t be surprised to learn
that all this microchip culture finally brings to rights
how smart some birds are. They have small heads
but could they have 25 blackberries in their brain?
How do people not wonder.

Humanity pipeline! Migrating birds, how we evolve


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