October 27, 2012

October’s last Friday before rains eliminate leaves

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because I work so hard, growing up in Quebec Moncton and Windsor
i like
the cooling down of the temperature
toward cold. It’s like sunshine for nervous bones
cooling every forehead easing every organ

Being born in 1960 October the rest of the world
would seem too hot forever after
Even St Jean with the outrageously beautiful summer
was more comfortable, more real, with 16 feet of snow
lining the roads

Cold is unifying somehow
healing cold, cold on bacteria

it’s interesting that viruses thrive in winter
and bacteria in summer.

The transition to winter can be rough.

It’ll be great for me. O to go out and stretch
in a dry frozen back yard, over fertile seveltebelt
back yard these days a blessing of snow requires

This is awesome though. The October 27 weekend
rain on through, northern cold front coming in on
the comically named ‘frankenstorm’ hee haw

With that in mind even though nothing was happening
I took a few photos of the trees around work
(monday i’ll add one after the all rain and wind weekend
it’ll be a rained on winter woods by monday
trees almost empty but for nests

There they are
fleshy trees
ready to take winter on
Winter helped
create them

taken this morning
“the purple sunflowers”
amazingly beautiful plant
the little hill up from dufferin
if not getting coffee at tim hortons that morning

[ PLANTS THAT LIVE IN WINTER ” science textbooks read as poems 20 years later


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  1. Science Textbooks read as poems 20 Years later Books

    Comment by oversion — October 27, 2012 @ 5:03 am

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