October 6, 2012

October 5 In Review

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Not a perfect day, ill at ease and off kilter all day,
hard work day, unpleasent workday not worth writing about or photographing any thing, long annoying day, so glad it ended

I would miss it. But it isn’t good everyday.
Some days it’s like The Shining or Tin Drum
tired out crazy people pushed past believing

It does build up over the week
dumb radio’s as bad as good radio
it’s just work

Strain every step of the day all day

All of it would be better with a better culture and politics

All week I’ve made this concerted effort
to update the periphery of nonwork nonpolitics nonissues
world here with the good stuff

Infrastructure is so valuablel

Maybe Toronto is a model of how other ontario and manitoba
and maritime and new york state and michigan cities would
have to be if they grew

running infrastructure has a thousand angles to look at
and government inevitably one way or another the various layers
is reliable and punk rock levels of freedom real life
Canada’s pretty great, people in other countries
there’s very few I wouldn’t call them to move here
I like Australia, Iceland, Finland, a good Dutch village
Poland, and could easily have fun anywhere, but
all the distressed people of the world, Toronto Windsor
Vancouver Winnipeg

Most of the wealth in Canada is resources so people are stolid
about money, you have them or you don’t, and most of the governments
have been rip off artists dedicated to to complicatedly cluttering the meaning of ownership of resources. The reality of our historic legal concessions is that the First Nations would own most of it, so they’ve engaged in endless controversy lying and destruction, vivid and stasrk malfeisance and produced a confused antihistorical populi


i know it’s like being told 3 of your teeth are unsaveable
or worse yet can be saved by painful expensive bordering on surgery
“bone surgery” i haven’t but in a complicated distractionist country
teeth are wings

Oct 1 to 5 worth of daily entries
just a time bubble


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  1. “they” being decades of government and business cheating the law to take it from first nations

    who are the better guardians

    I like Canada’s future because of the possibility of respectig first nations and suddenly the land is valuable again
    and not just a cheap law handover to some profit only entity


    life is more than profit
    is some of it
    actually real?

    reality itself
    asserts against our colonialist fantasies

    Comment by oversion — October 6, 2012 @ 5:17 am

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