October 1, 2012

Interesting things of September 012

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lots of work and lots of buzzing politics but none of thats in head whatsoever tonight. Such a calm weekend, healthily, and certainly work and happily politics are absent

It’s some rare time on the actual planet, the trees in the wind, voices in the yard, Foo Fighters in the headphones. The death of one of the neighbours’ cats from old age and tumours brought a overall hanging grey pall to hover the region, all the way to Buffalo south, and probably far north as Thunder Bay.

So what was most interesting in September? So much to leave out to not bring politics and work into it.

Well there was this huge truck that came into the shipping yard

I’m in the warehouse trying to listen to the radio hear the phones and do my work and a massive truck din goes on and on til finally I go out to see whats taking so long. I’ll never know if they had permission to store them there, but jesus. This tall skinny grey haired trucker is out there rearranging them for three hours, RRRRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN scrape! CRUNCH

Really my job makes me too high strung for politics. All I really look for is basic plausible sanity from the three levels of government and other powers that be. But I understand their manic desperate frantic approach to being “Government” -= the stresses a regular person deals with day by day pretty much elaborate into mass scale fast mind drama with the stakes artificially high. They’re always on the verge of losing everything.


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