September 14, 2012

cream coloured cat yellow day

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I’ve gone over to a whole other theory of the improbable cream coloured cat living on the western hill of the gulley
that comes out of 4400 Dufferin bus stop under the maniac cars

This cat actually looks healthier and calmer each day
but is likely too young to know about winter

I’m far less certain this cat is not born feral anymore though
Starting to think she is from the extended family of cats
on the west side of Dufferin

and just hasn’t been able to make it across the street to
rejoin the rest of them

but definitely not faltering living there

not that a cat should live there, but that it does

…for a couple of days I actually decided the cat must
be a house cat from up the street that spends its days there
option 2A for it not being in a desperate situation

I still can’t imagine what it’s doing there
How does it spend its days?

it responds to human discourse the way house cats do
not like the ferals – but vanishes if approached

crossing the street is so difficult

Even if the cat gets up there and decides its time to try
all it sees is the rocket ship hostile cars
and the line of bush with the rosehip and her allies
and the entrance to the tims canadian tire russian grocery
a cat could easily scratch their eyes and forget where to cross to

once the water runoff under dufferin freezes that tunnel is home to millions in the feral cat refugee experience which ultimately we all come from

having to work long early morning hours these weeks

and signalling the animal population the kind of winter it will be

life is not all cats and rosehips
but it is mostly on those days til evening


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  1. Hi, I would like to see if I can arrange help for this cat. Do you still see him and what time most consistently? I am moving to Boston soon, but could help trap it and find it a home. Imagine it will be hard for this cat to survive the winter.

    Comment by Marla — September 20, 2012 @ 8:28 pm

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