September 8, 2012

Searched for it, Gulley was interesting

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No sign of the lost cat in above the gulley today. And I left something for it in the morning and it was exactly as left at the end of the strenuous day, the strenuous week, no sign of the cat at all. It being the end of the week and endless bloody drive of timings and asshole drivers – and ttc tunnels – felt mostly relief the cat was gone. Run the circuit of speculations about fate. The cat wasn’t outdoor savvy at all. Scared of shadows and possibly among the prey of the ferals, who are smaller but have adapted. Quick little jumping beans. Comparing: the cream coloured cat just sat looking down into the gulley weeds, not checking its back; the little black feral that lives in the strip of land behind Mr Case never fails to make first notice the sound of lightning speed scampering, always watching its back and off like a spring.

But whether the cat was owl food, or coyote, hawk drag off or car kill, or found and rescued, likely will never know

I took a rare trip down into the gulley area to see, and checked both ends of the watertunnel under dufferin to see if there’s a cat enclave under there but saw no signs

The nice colour effects on the plants is from the gulley filling very high then quickly draining right down again in a couple days – it’s not just the humidity, it’s the gulley in the air, it’s a special humidity


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