September 7, 2012

needy new feral on mind as i listen to democrat speeches

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This morning I for the third time saw a very light coloured feral or newly released cat up near the road above the gulley at 4400 Dufferin bus stop northbound side. There are many small wild cats in the area, this poor one does not seem to be one of them. I’ve repeatedly observed this cat always appearing to be ‘hiding from down there’ using the danger other cats avoid – the thundering traffic of Dufferin North, the poor cat looking quite terrorized.

This cat does not seem happy or living in preference for the wild. The cat doesn’t even look back over his shoulder for the dangers of the road or passersby. I think the cat was tossed there within the last two weeks.

First sighting last week the cat was actually racing up and begun on its climb under the metal girter to enter full speed into dufferin north, a madcap raceway of red light runners and booming trucks. The oblivious cat was so desperately on the run that was his plan until I startled him or her. Today the cat was, like few cats ever are, at the top of the hill right at the girter frightenedlingly looking down, despite my bus pulling up right behind and people getting off. It then scampered down but stopped and looked up. My kind words and quietude was enough that the cat took several timorous steps up the hill.

When one is late for work and has no cat carrier one cannot spend 3 hours befriending a cat, and my current living situation is not well suited at all to bringing in a cat presently. And I do not have a vehicle. The feral cats in the area Ive seen through generations in the area, many born there of cats born there going back years. It’s the only life they know. They have long since adapted and forgotten human beings nor ever known them but from  that perspective.

This poor cat is in trouble though, I think would like to be rescued, and not be simply left there, a young house  cat.

As I write all this, still listening to the Democrats. The inspirational music to Obama’s entry now, after such a speech from Joe Biden. Well written speeches often spectacularly presented by some really impressive people. America has some hard politics so the warmth and passion and emotion of the Democrats is very moving, (and I think has brought out more than the simply sad feelings about the gentle new feral up there. Caring for others… A message of love, thats what they’re campaigning on.

Listening to Obama get comfortable in his storyful speech thus far, which I’m enjoying as a major poem thought about at vast ranges of thinking, “…the republican plan: take two tax cuts and call us in the morning…”

In the morning I  will look around the gulley as I always do, but if people equipped to cat rescue would contemplate this cat, it would be for the good. And again, many of the other  cats in the area, living under dufferin and along the brook and up behind the buildings, many of them are multigenerational and would be horrified to find themselves in a cage and be resolved to escape for every moment until success. But this little blond feral cat could probably be talked to human care in an hour. I don’t have the resources or situation to rescue the cat myself, so I hope someone sees this and considers the possibilities.





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