August 18, 2012

Screaming Eagles Crash Champagne Ravine Creek

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it’s good the sparrows don’t even think about it . the squirrels are aware, confused and terrified. the screaming in the skies tracked to not one but three apparent eagles upset with each other or just screaming all the time or headaching the red tailed hawks and kingbirds. I was just thrilled to see them. Thursday was a long day at work, my legs were gumbeed, feet were painful various ways, knee knocking along, just momentumming to the bus stop, when i heard the ten years never heard screaming in the sky and had to push off that way, away from the hills to bus stop and toward the screaming. Lag time on the camera never found more than one at a time but there were 3 all riled up.

They’re always going between 35k per hr and 98
even seeing one perched angrily in a tree
by the time the photo focuses it’s going 40

could have got more photos tonight but an shitty white van, driver with glass bottle beer that have been turning up in the hillsides was headed right where i would have strolled with the camera up
they would have thought i was chasing to photograph them
and in fact i’d hurried around the building ready to hide at mr case
if they’d come after me – all i saw was the wrist hand and beer bottle in the driver side window of the crap white van
which was waved a bit in reaction to my unlikely presence
I think of myself as chief of real world unofficial security
Most of my coworkers have no way of wondering what goes on

and then of course theres’ the screaming non stop Eagles


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