July 16, 2012

Rain brought back to earth

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Though it was our goal, there is no claim that my friend and I overcame the helium laws of airborne condensation, but setting out in search of rain as we gained the onramp to the 401 the first spats of rain hit the windshield, and within three thrusts of the gas pedal was steady within growing darkening thickening skies. Halfway across the top of Toronto visibility was poor from the storm. Recouping at a little strip mall the rain lightened up as we paused. I bought some jarred stuff from Pakistan, a ginger garlic preserve, quite liquidy in its jar, and a mint chutney, also nearly drinkable. After a nice pause there, (where I photographed the skeletal roots of a parking lot bunker tree) we resumed driving, immediately the rain resumed. And as we searched for the beginnings of the new Rouge Parklands, rain picked up to masses of blurred out vision. You will see photographs of all of this. Rouge Park the rain again let off a while, happy fishers, a guy on a lawn chair told us the buildings just beyond were indeed a nuclear plant, and people used to fish right from the water released back into the lake after cooling it. And eat it. He was all about recommending Bluffers Park. We set off and the intersection signals were out so people were taking turns crossing through 4 inches of water. It all worked. The slippery road curving and diving down through the bluffs had torrential rivers running on either side, but they weren’t going down on the right, and coming up on the left, they were both going down, and sometimes spilling across and joining. Then, as we arrived to the turns out somewhat familiar bluffers park marina area, that Joanne and I had espied from up on the bluffs, again the rain lightened up. The geese were happy for the rain and still scotchy at human visitors. A nice old guy dressed colourfully was talking to one requesting permission to pass. You will see that here too. And while it is with some chagrin we note much of the water will be humidity making it feel like 42 degrees centigrade by Tuesday at work, it will feel a bit better knowing some of it is in the mouths of birds in the leaves and that the groundhogs are not completely hopeless of it ever raining again and that everything’s had a bit of a wash. I bought two fine new pillows at the bathurst dollar store after to celebrate this vision of the possibility of refreshed world. And now some hiphop surf while I load all the best photos of these types of momentary reliefs! (Temp plunged 12 degrees during the storm. All the cats are out feeling fancy)


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