June 23, 2012

Cloud Lore this Week, What the Clouds were Saying

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People of course project a million different things on clouds. But this the first one is definitely a sizeable amount of inquiry going on, from people” (spirits? clouds) that very much want to know. Why live your whole life not knowing.

Of course one can’t look at the clouds for any length of time without concluding spirituality presides over the world, with the word “presides” being far less mechanical than most things. Clouds and functionalism will always live in unconnected worlds. The cloud reality will always have been at least as much as the reality. Consider the typist:

Wouldn’t an array of stars be as changeful as an array of clouds?

Clouds are somehow discounted.

They sure seem like the same thing as us, related at least. We’re 98% water thus 98% cloud but clouds are mixed with rayon

The good scientific news as David Suzuki’s show this week. An analysis of Manitoba’s water table occassionally subtly mentioning Vancouver’s

Life always seems too simple to me, but doesn’t it seem if you dig up the waste of millenia and use water to process it then burn it the planet will get hotter? Who doesn’t reason that? Charles Adler? Why?>

Why not tell the truth. Burning up tons of things and pushing much of humanity and the vast majority of other forms of life on the planet out of any habitat makes one think of an alien invastion. Clouds are made out of much of the same stuff as us. And all of what we eat is nurtured by the clouds

Clouds hot differences are being incapable of fear
All expression

and the clouds will still being doing this when we’re all gone
even as they sustain us and all else


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  1. In all reality, clouds are us. clouds are our lifeline

    Comment by oversion — June 24, 2012 @ 3:37 am

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