June 21, 2012

special bird, top rumours of week

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swinging for the raspberry fences with this one

That dapper bird you see in the distance in the dead tree
is probably the world’s most misinterpreted bird, the kingbird
but years of fascination have only unravelled to less and less certainty.

the blue jay/cedar waxwing head, the flicker decor tale, the very apparently shapeshifter capacities,

kingbirds don’t look like that in the sky chasing hawks
it’s the most clear case of true bird mystery in thee region

Imaginations run wild with the idea of digital photography.
Digital anything. Supreme ridiculous omniscience, seeing everything everywhere, a sick fantasy, for governments and mad men only, digital photography, a garbled tape of laughter, but here’s the string of ‘is it a kingbird?’ photos

…at last i get to resume
my post from last night
(saving draft gets complicated)

friday night i will bring this weather curve (and frightening global warming issue into chemical perspective. air conditioners rely on chemicals to change the temperature of the air. It will become an issue

steady the ship, tossing out environmental oversights and criminalizing environmental concern? From what hell is that perspective? Give it a second thought. Resist the Anti-Shangrila


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