June 8, 2012

spadina rainbwww 67 downsviews sky

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As most of the world’s so called leadership both causes and predicts doom, trying to register up a 1930s 1830s class structure in combo with all the world wars, the real elements of this planet converge in mighty unforecastable brilliant action.

O the stunning spectacles in the sky june 6 and 7 this week, one of my favorites: simul weathers. Vancouver’s speciality, and of course, oceanic coasts one can always see the many weathers, but this was the spirits visitting, in Downsview around work today, and yesterday, utter mix of skies, the huge steely blue thick ones dancing and in conflagration with the shining white scultpure ones

Spirituality! Cosmic Being.

the dream for now


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  1. Peace of clouds sailing unimpeded in a deep blue summer sky! Then the rainbow striking the heatscore which is my husband’s nickname for me. (“You little heat score”) he often says when my mouth and my activities are bringing down trouble on our heads. I should start looking to see if there is a rain bow anywhere around when this happens. So glad to see this post freed from the clutch of political discussion, seem it ever so important. I think clouds take higher precedence, actually. Well, they ARE higher up. Great work with the old camera, John! Thank you again for not dropping it off the side of a boat into Lake Ontario. May its camera ancestor rest in peace on the bottom.

    Comment by Rose DeShaw — June 12, 2012 @ 7:30 pm

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