May 26, 2012

401: August in May, Rosehip Complexities, (car tunnels)

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In a late bid, a few have called for saving the planet’s surface for people – Gasp! So stressful. All these machines piling around, amid the animal and plant life and pedestrians cyclists and mass transit. Imagine – all above ground travel by mass transit and bikes, : )

while cars would be the ones to have to go in under tunnels. Pave the subway system and you’ve got Bloor Yonge and a perfectly good off road to the counties. And let the winged travel be safe.

Really, when it gets this hot burning gasoline isn’t really good to do. In one’s mind one associates it with the air conditioning as if cars were cooling spring weather, but no, outside the car it remains, the burning of tons of gasoline. Parking lots can kill people with the boxed in pavement, heat and all that burning gasoline.

Huge cultural shift to mass transit to save our lives, and bicycles. Maybe all roads should be like special parking spaces for the disabled. A loose and gentle interpretation of disabled, but it is easier to create fine floating wagons of mass transit air conditioned then thousands of hot cars burning gasoline into the hot day!

With that, my photo album of recent travels


This is how hot it was today. Toronto broke its all time record for this day, which was set in 2010. Soft winters, piping hot summers. Planet spinning up. Burn and burn oil and gasoline and use water by the trillagallon just processing the oil to start with, then have oil based bottles hold small amounts of water as if it makes sense.

One has to care what happens, and what the outcome is, what occurs after that.
So charming eh? My mother and Joanne walking by a fisherman on the Detroit River. My mother believes the fish are 3 eyed demons because of the contents of that river, but they were nice. The most alive the most beautiful. People rightly assume there are shocking chemicals in that water imperceptbles

one guy was catching two at a time and then lifted his total wrack for the evening and had caught about 24, all strung up, pro, ..for dinner or fertilizer? Either way. Fish and wildlife not doing that badly it seems. Carpet cleaning liquid from the hi tech giants

May has great weather at the best of times.
Summer heat can wait. People go off like firecrackers in hot weather
…maybe not on three day weekends and holidays
but at work and on the roads
Toronto is stressful, it really is
It’s an irrational city
but probably saner than most
and these utterly machiavellian governments
‘larger issues at stake’
and ‘just who’s intervening’
stress, things run nuttily,
the complexities of those with power
the complications of those with ‘real’ money
..I’ve always defined real money as the most in hand
hundreds, everything else is subject to the system

The Rosehip near my bus stop either showed yet another round of remarkable complexity or, there’s another flowering vine plant fully fused in. My guess is its many rosehip of different ages, but it’s like a light show, from orange barrels in the fall, to red berries to wine ferment berries that burst into dark pink flowers right out of the berry to the sudden new flowers


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