May 13, 2012

A Happy Mother’s Day Special

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It might say a lot about Ontario that we have the May 2-4 weekend a little ways after the Mother’s Day weekend. Be nice the Sunday of Mother’s Day, then free to load the pickup truck with beer and head for the campgrounds the next weekend. Oh ancient brethren of the insufficient mother’s day tributing! Moms stickhandle their way through all the flak that greets young women in our world, make it to where they can take on having children, and then devote themselves to it, on call forever! All the challenges along the way, and then just striving on relentlessly year in year out, all seasons. More reliable than anything we spend money on. So resilient!

I have a great regard for all Mothers, obsessive ones, independent ones, the famous multitaskers, poor ones, single ones, forgetful ones, and those who paint with oils.

My Mum helped defeat the Nazis! She was a bicycle messenger among other things during the war, when it was 911 every day in England, an incredible thing to confront upon late youth and earliest vestige of adulthood. She won! Prevailed! And when the Nazis were destroyed, and England was catching up with its bills, she boldly ventured to Canada.

Poetic license with the skiing photo of course. A rare and unique item found in one of my Dad’s photo albums that ended up here with me when I was gathering my hockey scrapbooks. And not even a photo from here in Canada. But hopefully amusing and fun to see?

She dealt with the moves and travels of my Dad’s career in the Air Force, celebrated Moncton and engaged St Jean. And kept things running through good luck or other.

My Dad was so passionately in love with her the whole time, and so devoted.

And always so happy for marrying her, and so delighted, and I would say it was a lucky thing. I would not exist but for their spectacular confluence. Such fun parents, each individually, and funny combo. One from the north and one from the south, different accents, different sayings, different cultures quite definitely. I suppose it’s very fine growing up in a family where the parents are both local from the same background and class and way of life, but the reverse is also true.

One accent going up, one going down, one rustic and Canadianized a generation, the other new. One from ever faithful Brighton, even the working class and soldiers with so much distinction, the other from Lancashire by way of Hamilton Canada, my paternal granddad with his deeply curmudgeonly orientation to all finery. Every second of my Mum’s talk of meeting and dealing with my Dad’s family is as thrilling as any greatest poem.

All the while art and music and books joined us all along the way. Critical minds can often take as much pleasure from music they don’t like as books. So choosing a piece of music for my Mum to enjoy on mother’s day is artistically wide open,

Both of my parents love gardening. I’m more of a let things grow and see what seeds birds drop sort of farmer, watch the random yard. But I don’t mind flowers, flowers music, paintings, poetry, books and online reading, though not a gardener per se, more of an advocate

Amazing, completely amazing.


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  1. Wonderful article! Touching and beautifully written.

    Comment by Rosalba — May 13, 2012 @ 6:22 am

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