April 16, 2012

Sunlight Freestyle; Clouds Integral

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As we enter a rainy cloudy week the sun in its avacado mobile continues to work behind the scenes. The layers of Wednesday redescribe the veils of Monday aft, the Sunday sky plays a guitar solo of the Tuesday walk home. Vertical clouds remember your ancensors in their god like youth when they were bold and self-believing. When nothing would happen to them. When their parents were taken for granted completely and even criticized. o that age. But the sunlight goes into all of it and the clouds perform trillions of scenarios and the rare few look up. The reality is always immenstrably larger than the crisis. All the trouble spots of the world are tiny.
Is there a religion that saw more in the clouds than in the stars? Stars ultimate gravity effects permanently the whole balance of everything in relation to everything, but somewhat
a priori in scale. Knowing where we’ll be in 30,000 years is not a doable focus.
The sun predicts the next 3 or 4 hundred years, (and shone just that way on the 14 hundreds) Clouds are the here and now. Translate and invoke the present.

Think of it in terms of politics. The average political regime lasts under 12 years in electoral choice nations, if that, the average successful one… The average cloud system lasts 70 million years.

The clouds are water we are the heated blood
We are the hot darknesses and the clouds are life
And for all that, we are 98% water, a far more mysterious substance than any other.

And the sun and water come all the way in. The sun and water are here now.

The clouds are everywhere.

The clouds are dealing with it, the clouds dream mind buckets buckets buckets dogs running light sparrows blowing leaves.


Rain promises to intervene

Rain Rain




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  1. O my what lovely use of language, enough to suspect the photographer you of also being a poet. If someone who didn’t know you were to stumble on these spring skies. You left out the cloud castles we inhabit on slow days, flat on our backs in the grass looking up. Cloud stories we told ourselves, bouncing around up there in our minds, tucking into a soft one when we were tired of the giant sky trampoline, sucking on the cotton candy ones at sunset, diving into the water-filled ones when we needed to cool down, spreading out on a likely one when our habitat below felt too cramped and crowded, clinging to the edge of one and making motor noises with our mouths so it will rev up and send us sailing in cloud comfort across the sky…I guess it’s hard to get it all in which helps me to understand more of the nuances of ‘feather canyons everywhere,’ clouds songs. And I think Aristophanes had one (though it might’ve been frogs…). At any rate, drunk on the cloud-poet-photo connections in this brilliant post.

    Comment by Rose DeShaw — April 16, 2012 @ 10:38 am

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