March 16, 2012

Another charming note to oversion’s subscribers

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Before wordpress had this subscriber function, with an email version of the item showing up in inboxes, I’d long since established a revision process that relied on clicking publish and seeing how it would really look the way it was going. Usually 5 or 6 or even 8 or 9 publishes would finally bring it to form, during which time I was deep in process, pasting in bits and pieces, trimming and fussing and cursing with the process. Ohhh poor subscribers, those early drafts are just spinning out from an oblivion of as plain as if I was alone in a closed factory nearing dawn and figured to joke around with the immanent arrivals. Those formative security guard years. The beautiful closed places I guarded. PCB barrels, or, still burning peat heaters, or rusting out heavy equipment. All the wonderful places. (4 different settings on the windsor expressway while it was being constructed. Banwell was my favorite. Just scrub field, for miles, the paved part ending in a pheasent’s favorite nowhere. Factories in Toronto, and a mansion that somebody had stopped building. Yes the Eaton Mansion, so weird whoever lives there now I was paid 7 bucks an hour to kill 12 hour nights in that place, reading The Colour Purple and daydreaming.

The expectation of a life in oblivion has been with me since childhood. And so, re post 4527 as it appeared in subscriber inboxes, more’s the wonder, it’s the post called Convent Convention Conventionality now, next one down from this, all tidied and relatively holding its purposes together now, if still in progress.

As for today’s post?


Well today’s post is very wonderful. My mother returned from Jamaica all energized. It was a surprising adventure to take place, but my sister made it all work, and it was quite a success. Hearing the deep and penetrating transmitting of the power of her love for the ocean in new bright brilliant vividness is worth a whole lot of effort and concern. And man, for my Mum to return to such a trip with such all favorable trouble free qua airports and customs and all, what a marvellous pair my mother and sister. Mind over matter. And I send forward the kindest appreciation imaginable to the people of Jamaica, thank you, the difficulty factors, such grace that that worked out.

Can’t wait to see the photos from the trip. Transcendent.


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