March 15, 2012

Convent Convention Conventional

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It does seem gently apocraphyl in the sense
of these are the holes they are fighting over

Wars, they have “whipped” political parties, sudden stomach turning events,

The apocypha is in the water in the sky
this is not our weather 

Yes we do want libraries, or why have a government at all?

Be it Al Jazeera versus Damascus Hamas versus Hezbollah Born Agains versus Catholics  versus failing life insurance packages

it’s all nought but real 90% versus the 10% gaining delirious wealth and luxury, in our piping system for the frighteningly warm weather ahead –

even if the Starlings win in two months they’ll be so shocked how hot it is, two days more lke it, they’ll leave it to the sparrows who nest nearer the opening

heat exhausted starlings departing the hole

…starlings are bigger warmer birds, they’re screwed if they move in there,

9, 10, 11 days later, it’d be a mess.

The tarsands guy fixing the roof saids we should just stuff the holes, but the sparrows are no problem.

I’ve got pine cones laid out back there all over the place.
Any Starling attack on the Sparrows, sparrowlike pine cones
ready to fly into the no fly zone

Tons of birds activity of late
Practically speaking to seagulls here

This is real world panic in bird

Tony Silipo

“…So sad about Silipo. He was my landlord in the 80s, quite informally, he and his wife so charming and good. I’ve been calling for his leadership bid for years and wondering what became of him. And there it was staring out at me Monday. They were just wonderful. Had Silipo run, I’d have been supporting a candidate who a) was my landlord and b) got us to move out because my smoke was seeping down to their living area, and our giant couch wouldn’t go up the stairs. See, I can deal with irony. Voted for my landlord who got us to move out. Shows the level of regard I had for him. They were nice about it though, and no complaints on all his work.”


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