February 7, 2012

letters unarmed the river cat

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Incredible to receive two tiny envelopes and instantly reconnect 20 years of marvellous people. Micropress may be at times only semi-visible, but it is wily. From out of the wildernessy gaze of this fine February 6, suddenly brought to mind to thoughts of Sin Over Tan poetry nights, Lise Downe, Tony Burgess, features, John Barlow Nancy Dembowski Stan Rogal Tatiana Tonks also reading, jw curry work on the cover of a tiny fine book featuring with pearl pirie joe blades daniel f bradley jim leftwich kemeny babineau camille martin gary barwin… in two rarely seen any more size envelopes, from Thunder Bay and Minnesota. Talk about a flash drive in the old usb port! 

Many more of course in the magazine which is an historic one. So many Canadians, let alone so many great contributors to my own oversions over the years. Such a confluence-= curry’s UNWANTED project meets Michael Mann’s UNARMED utterly fantastic. And if you look at the amount of content in the wee papery mag you do wonder if internet is even capable of that kind of density. Sure, a flash drive can carry 3 encyclopedias but is it really so light? Can you carry it without worrying? Beautiful UNARMED UNWANTED.

It all brings many others to mind as well of course, and all our present days.

Nicky’s letter on the back of the sin over tan flyer from 94, which may be a reissue, (or did it in fact say “Reconstituted From Amber-preserved D.N.A.” on first issuing back then? If it did the coincidence is remorseless in its compreehensive, ivity. Many kinds of memories, but I did have a good time at the Rex I don’t doubt.

April 13, 1994. I didn’t know him personally at all, we hadn’t really met.

Mere cats we are, loved, remembered, wondered about, partly always in our wildernesses, or our shared wildernesses

Just be glad of the ones that do live is the hymm of the feral cat friend community, tho I and the local Russian community near work probably do a lot more to sustain the sparrows than all, even me. Sparrows are easier to work with. At least 3 places put out major levels of bird seed, even though it can also attract rats, but less so with the coyote and cat presence.

UNARMED has been a pure pressed token of poetry enjoyment and micropress valuation for decades. I’ve been in it, but it’s not easy getting a poem in. If only he were online

and how incredible to find rob mclennan’s red giant in there with the unarmed unwanted

the sheer embrace of these two tiny envelopes

UNARMED places the poems on pages without information just the poem then at the back in alphabetical order are all the others with the micropress info settled upon, contact unarmedjournal@comcast.net for copies of this, such a major itemeria, barbara caruso, amanda earl,

Nicky says “Furnace died in the third store, just as 35-below weather wailed in. Cans of beer in the back room froze.”

‘…live long enough to regain a sense of enjoyment…’

Drumbolis also says “Representing histry’s discards is really just an exercize in sympathy.”

But the funniest part is his comparison of living there to a return to the middle ages.

Weird discovery. I looked in at this post from an external (not signed in) link and discovered inside the seeming post a link to “people for good” which isn’t even here to delete = if it’s still there below, i know nothing about it or how it got there, i’ll investigate it but not tonight


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