February 5, 2012

Privatized Garbage PottersTown ReUnion

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Unions, Independent Orgs, even Theatre Companies, it becomes somewhat harrowing, spelled out as how many people are being mitigated against by our own governments

…but as I attempted to do last night, (and for subscribers who receive an email version of new posts on oversion, that was not the real item that appeared in inboxes: an essay with some 16 photos popped and dropped and only the collected captions and one odd photo appeared. I deleted that version here, but the puzzling email oy, such an irritating production spoof. Will presently load the actual item in new title.

I’ve even called the police non-emergency line about things I’ve seen down there, and sent photos to various departments of the world. Some of the garbage has been there years. So many different sorts of things. Industrial garbage is private. I see the rusty pickup trucks circling sometimes, both looking for useable things and sometimes one assumes looking for a moment to dump some crap they’ve been paid to remove. Fridges, car parts, toxins in barrels,
it all seems like a business as usual mentality. I have not seen others look down there. That is how privatized garbage can be sometimes. I work up there in the private sector, on the clock, half hour lunch, and sometimes feel like I should collect it all. It would take 30 of me a few weeks to collect it all. Here are the images of privatized garbage.



  1. There, it actually went up this time, as intended.

    Comment by oversion — February 5, 2012 @ 4:59 am

  2. I agree BUT these are distractions from our real work. Every time I go into my winter yard and see the garbage thrown there by passersby, the wind and careless piling of recycling boxes I commit their users to the Creator, sometimes pick up if I can or if I cannot (due to inaccessibility & ice) I use the trash as a reminder that I cannot tidy up the whole world but I can do my part in the areas that matter. Then I sigh, go into the house and get back at it. O John, this matters of course but it is entropy, the winding down of the universe and you are all about ENERGY the winding up and the pointing out. Both we have always with us. Always we get to choose. Much respect to you, Rose

    Comment by Rose DeShaw — February 5, 2012 @ 2:59 pm

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