January 25, 2012

Windsor Symphony to move into Capitol Theatre

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Such happy news, it had seemed quite the tragedy that The Windsor Symphony, long great devotion and concern of my mother Jane, and also the Capitol Theatre, a building and frontisworks that hankered for happy use, voila, in a sudden inspired move, two in one, the symphony will move there.

I like the $1.00 a year rent, (they owe still $60,000 from previous days, and must fund raise for it and strengthen the base somehow to keep musicians and all in the future) but what a fun place to do it from.

The happy folks of the Windsor Symphony Society, other classical music lovers, and people intrigued by that setting having such music and a fine dining restaurent (as planned) may all meet in extraordinary moments, right downtown.

And then stroll, some to the waterfront, others to the pubs, others for dessert.

I have no idea what the future will consist in, but it’s nice imagining it will have nights like that

With a little faith, hope and some generosity, wonders returned.

Tonight leaving work, deep dusk of an already fairly dark day, so that it was as good as night already, I gazed into the ravine just in case it might be the moment something was down there near the brook, and in the dark heard the cheep of a cardinal. I didn’t assume it was as I don’t take them for noctural, having had one blast my window repeatedly early every morning one late spring, but rounding behind the building the dark red cardinal indeed looped out of the trees twirled alongside and past me, and then made a point of zooming straight for as far as the eye could see, seeming like a cheery optimistic quip from my Dad.

Windsor Symphony’s new home, as magical as Old Man River sung by Robeson, or The Iraq National Symphony,

or – were it recorded, my Dad’s version. He played it a most passionate rollicking style, heaving back his head and launching arms out, on the old green piano thats at phog, just up the street from the Capitol.

Bamp! Di di did di diii

I’d just say please help make it happen, fact is I’d donate myself.


Such beautiful place






  1. had two great phone calls with my mum thanks to this symphony news, including her reading from her ancient yellowed book of information about all the operas real stories, her idea the ‘march of triumph’ which turned out to be about wen ethiopia attacked egypt and were defeated by the then exceptionally happy egyptians, and how in one opera occurance a man condemned to death by being locked down in a tomb is joined by his lover whose hid there, wow eh
    as well as all various goings on

    Comment by oversion — January 25, 2012 @ 4:00 am

  2. ah yes, the cardinals are shy birds of the magic gloaming times, oft reminding me to feed them well before the sun makes its dailly debut and chip, chip, chipping deep in the dusk

    Comment by mesm — January 25, 2012 @ 9:00 am

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