January 13, 2012


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The poems of the day and workweek, in extremely miscellaneous photography. But first, a poem. A pigeon poem

Outside Bathurst Station, the pigeons incorporating rain into their morning. e.

The pigeons and the bicyclists and the cats and cars all have so much work on their hands
the snow will come



Today in time,

here in the lands of 4400 Dufferin bus stop,
admiring my work area, so great I’d take
anywhere from a 13% to a 27%
cut in pay to keep the connection
with the area, such a spectacular landscape.
The ravine’s outlay brook comes in from the city dump and wends under Dufferin north just up further than where it is the Allen. Cars still think they’re in the road race, dive across lanes. But whats around are animals birds and people coming to work or sign up for canadian health care or get tires and gas or shop for european food, or sushi, it’s a great area, the staff at some places are like family, fourth cousins or something, and I love all the Russian presence in the area.

It’s almost paradisic getting to spend all that time there. By way of working up the hills a ways in a warehouse. Just being part of it all. Well, tomorrow, it’s all going to fill in with snow. Up that way it’s probably already begun, our first real snow of the eyar

“eyar” old favorite typo

"No one under 75 allowed to view beyond this point"

Okay let’s speed up this newscast.

The most relevant news of the 4400 Dufferin area.

new boots bought two weeks ago honest eds already leak


streams and the 401


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  1. I like pigeons. One was hatched on my balcony around 10 years ago and i was fascinated by these little creatures’ culture. The parents were here feeding 4 times a day: 8 a.m. 12 noon, 4 p.m. 8 p.m. i ended up watching the little thing grow and fed it sesame seeds and oat flakes. Once the parents realized their offspring had plenty of food, they stopped coming over and the poor thing was abandoned. So I ended up raising it, feeding it, taking it inside the apartment. i even toiled trained him. And the the poor thing got injured – twice! It was my fault both times! But I healed him back to health. One day he flew away. I hope he ended up OK. I know I screwed up the poor little thing. i hope he learned to feed and found a mate and lived many years.
    I named him Chicky Pooh! Forgive me Chicky Pooh! i know I screwed you up. I should not have interfered with nature.
    In the winter, whenever I remember, I take remnants of bread or sunflower seeds with me and when I run into pigeons, I feed them. Many people don’t like that, but I don’t care.

    Comment by Rosalba — January 13, 2012 @ 10:11 pm

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