January 8, 2012

War With Iran (WWI)

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Through the week, all the speedy
> writing and opinions and focus of mind at
> work generally is haywire in the
> treetops by Thursday
> night, the number of jarring new bits of
> news, the tripups in charging through the week, all
> the mental stiches and glitches and wondering of
> typos and wondering of forgetting some key thing; the
> weekend meltdown and suss out and reconstruct. The
> world moves fast but almost in constant
> opacity resembling slow
> motion.
> Through the week, the mind
> grapples onto all the
> overwelming billowing information and
> tries to place positional
> arguments on them, while trying to undo the
> relentless right
> wingization of everything, anything for money,
> usually for investors
> outside the country, openly looting
> Canada, and leaving it a
> wasteland, the megaquarry, the
> tarsands, northern mining, fracking
> Quebec, the doom of our oceans, always for
> fast big money, what will they do with that money
> with no planet? They’re like house
> flies.
> And into this comes this half
> baked recipe for yet
> another bullshit war. As if a war
> with Iran has any kind of
> possibilty of turning out well. This one
> among all others rolls
> home the possibly number one reality of
> war, tho it doesn’t always
> seem that way, but a war of the
> ‘first world’ countries against
> Iran and its network there more than
> any just isn’t about winning or
> losing or a result. It would amount to
> opening an all but permanent
> war with them. It would do no one any
> good. It’s still pretty
> hockeyfight the question of who actually starts a
> war. It’s whoever militarily
> throws one at the homeland of
> another people. And that would often be
> USA with what allies. How
> many Iranians would ever forgive
> America? or friccin Canada. To have some
> role in future politics in Iran, win? Come
> EAST really
> doesn’t have much chance of succeeding.
> Hide a little war in one
> country or another but attacking the
> ones that are up and running, for oil, for
> hatred, for whatever reason, and the
> squibby statements from our Prime
> Minister about Iran being the most
> dangerous threat to peace, using exact
> squib used by some with Iraq. Like the
> official oblique supercilious stupid
> annnouncement.
> Watching the shutters come
> down on American influence in
> Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and
> soon enough Libya, the idea of
> spending another trillion attacking Iran
> speaks of addiction. Another decade of chaotic
> nonsense.
> Meanwhile just how much of North
> America do the likes of Saudi Arabia and China own?
> How much have they
> bought? Losing sovereignty at home while
> spending money
> promulgating enemies is actually
> cataclysmically disastrous.
> Disastrous! Dangerous? Wreckless?
> Unintelligent???
> As this is always a very personal
> venue, I feel like easing my
> own personal relations with all
> the people of the world. The fact that
> I disapprove of traits and
> activities found absolutely everywhere in
> some portion, violent aggressive
> desultory greed
> for instance, or
> “other-negating power-behaviour” or meanness
> brutality and cruelty, hard
> mysogeny, wherever it occurs, abuse of extra
> vulnerable people, all those
> things which are found everywhere in some
> portion, every city and town
> somewhere, here there or everywhere,
> wherever it occurs. But I do feel, in
> self-guaging the frequently noted
> ‘western world opinionaire’ seeing
> everything ‘through a superior frame
> of the anglo remove’ – Realities for
> sure, but I personally feel lots of
> warmth for all the peoples of the
> world, an
> appreciation that I while I can look in and opine, I
> can’t in any vaguest sense govern, nor, insist,
> except to empathetically become
> them, construct myself as Tamil or
> Indonesian, Indian or
> American, Israelie or Saudi, and never
> in all that would piercing rocket
> fire, aerial
> bombardment, obviously, be part of the means of
> relating.
> There’s definitely no positive
> outcome to this deranged
> militarism, corporate looting of the
> earth&people whole, and really no
> hope for things going well that day,
> that way. Who are these
> people wanting to shoot up and rip up the
> earth and kill the
> oceans for fast temporary money? The
> right wing seems so
> intent on the destruction of the
> planet that you really have to
> wonder. What the fuck are
> they?
> For all vulnerable and imperilled
> people,
> John


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