December 10, 2011

Strange brown oily scum

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A strange brown oily scum appeared exitting the gulley through the woods toward the reservoir, up along Dufferin approaching Finch. A couple of weeks back there was an oily viscous white foam. In the past as I’ve said, such frustration ensued trying to get anything done about it, and always the possibly true suggestion by one person that it could just be natural run off. So each new sighting of anything I wonder that as well.
After all self-doubt builds in a person if others don’t care. Perhaps it’s nothing.

The gulley is a pit of extra water that develops where they’ve built a tunnel for the brook to pass under Dufferin. It seems a fine structure from a time when people who built such things were quite proud of such things and would design it quite subtly and have much interesting thought in its constructing. The brook loops round the city dump and cuts through light ravine behind industrial lands and curves down to this point at 4400 Dufferin. Once through the tunnel, which I believe animals use as well, the gulley forms, sometimes deep, often shallow, except where it plunges. Then heads off into the woods to a vast bog-like area that above Finch is a lake. The network of streams and creeks would have been quite self-sustaining before all the roads. The water had been much higher earlier in the week, so maybe it reached parts of the soil that have these colourations. The oil from good clay?

Chances are it’s nothing and no one has to wonder why it’s there.

Or, as my mother says, “People will just have to learn.”


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  1. All the pics are that same gulley

    Comment by oversion — December 15, 2011 @ 4:26 am

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