December 6, 2011

oil sands tar sands pipelines

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Heavy duty lethal politics these days, the Conservatives oily agenda

 A thing I find amazing with all of the debate of tarsands and pipelines (as well as fracking) is just where realism factors in. The framing of the debate is as if ideological. It may be justifiably be thought of spiritual and/or moral because it’s so fundamental, but it’s nonsense for it to be ideological, conservative versus ndp or republican versus science. Anyone who isn’t already invested in it would see it as the doomed pig it is .

Resources will be part of any kind of politic forever, fuel, energy. If the tarsands were a good idea, if the pipeline were a good idea, I’d be pleased enough but they’re just not.

The biggest most money centric corporations don’t go for bad ideas
as they frame it, but they don’t got for bad ideas this bad.

Weighing against the profitability of the whole tarsands pipelines
stretching of the oil industry are so many factors it’s hard to imagine any positive side to it.



1) As pure investment, the ultimate profit or less at the far end
of the utterly unpredictable clean up/civil suits auditting and
other litigation, this is lawyer porkpie way out of the comfort zone
of investors, some of whom may also be deterred by environmentalists
who are not so small in number any more.

2) Trustworthiness: it’s an extremely ambitious greed goldmine,
tends to attract the wrong types. Siphoners. All that job creation
sliding things by and lobbying, and then they betray you.
Think of all the clever young people who could work their way in
to such a job and then 3 years later expose all their secrets.
The real conservatives out there ie conservative with their money
and discrete with their exposure, intensely reluctant to mire their millions in something so tippable.

3) The actual environmental impact. After all it’s the government,
reasoning minds, that make the decisions based on the best for all.
Not in this case so far thats for sure. Tarsands is on the one hand
oil that is not ready; give it a million years; and on the other hand
is there and a part of that ecosystem. Since that project began
northern alberta goes up in flames all summer and the ice cap melts
and manitoba and parts of the northwest territories flood. All good?
Is it a write off? What are the costs? Texas and Alberta, good neighbours?
And thats just the tarsands. Tarzan’s big idea. The attendant pipeline
rips right through the continent and spreads all that risk through
The United States of America!? Multiple by about 9000 vectors the
civil suits, litigation, compound issues, endless claims, disasters
so regretable like a new orleans. If intensifying pollution were a
good idea and huge losses and liabilities were desirable, a reasonable
person would applaud the possibility of profit. Be rich on a destroyed planet

4) and after all of the above, the real backbreaker: all it takes is
one election loss to end it. To kill it. Invest?  It’s incredibly how weak the civilian populace is against giant multinationals. The whole thing can be blocked by the courts in countless jurisdictions.

All that said, I’m glad the below proves some people agree
and feel sad for the guy who signed off for the 7 million.
But that isn’t the main issue involved, the main issue is shared by all.
If it was going to happen anyway take the 7 million?

I’m lucky never to be offered money for my opinions to change.
My opinions are just my opinions. The sacred opinion part of life.
Consider me ready to analyze the prospectus on it the day some corporation offers me 7 million not to oppose something.


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