November 3, 2011


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Our always wildly fascinating planet just keeps getting more and more interesting. Power corrupts absolutely. Some 4 million politcal stories globally deliver instantly their explosive tales of trouble and travail. Desmond Morris or Hieronymous Bosch?
Bad driving is just like bad demagoguery.

(that was last millisecond yellow the black truck sped up for way deep in the yellow – i tried to time photo to the red light he was so conspicuously to run. It’s a really simple matter for us, crossing that street. The lights have to have meaning.

the car cannot kill us
yet we have cross the street
end red light running
and yellow means speed up – crack
an egg – live your results

Bicycling in Syria, dressing as you wish, laughing at the jokes that are funny, finding a comfortable place to be, in whatever social or anti-social situation, and dealing with power, whether by denying its existence, in a permanent eternal egalitarianism, or by simple toughness and strength, everyone is everywhere, as you’re bicycling in Korea, that morning, Tuesday and cold, Wednesday warmer, Friday always the day, the four day workweek, respect for all, caring for all. Non-judgemental caring in part, perspicuous clairvoyance also. Where to park one’s bike, though it’s a good thing to have, it can be used as a walker or momentary shield, for many! Giantly bike around as a cloud on a stick


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  1. Deny power’s existence, four-day work week and clouds on sticks! Hooray from the go-go girl. I currently work 3 days, am going to two for winter in exchange for intensive 5 in January.

    Comment by Czandra — November 3, 2011 @ 12:55 pm

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