November 2, 2011

Phone Scams, Ravines, Kestrels, November

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In the midst of a charming evening here, from the stony november workday to
a channelhopping most inspiring tv special with captain kirk having rich conversations
with the other actors who played star ship captains in the roddenberry series,
just as I was turning it off and readying to visit the computer, a long distance call
came in, which’d either be Joanne (just the time she finishes her shift, if she were off
5 or 10 minutes early and wanted to call) or perhaps my mother, with some important note
following off our talking last night (or my sister perhaps, or any of the other long distance call possibilities, but instead, one of those calls the starts with dead silence.

I wasn’t that curious which survey or sales company it would be, when I heard the silence.
But instead of the usual machines engaging sound, followed by some neophyte
call centre worker, the next sound was what one hears in the receiver
when making an outgoing call. And into the hands of known criminals!

I’d received such a call a few months back, then read an article in the star or sun about them. They call up, give a fuzzy indication of who they are, and say that
an emergency is unfolding, and your computer will be completely destroyed if you don’t immediately take them up on sorting out the problem.

(They then council how to turn operation of your computer over to them.)

In a world of voice alone, ie on the phone,
I can be pretty combative, but I always think
of how it would alarm others to be actually talking to
the live voice of a criminal seeking to commit crime,
out of the blue, in one’s cozy home.
All of our lonely random moments…
The one several months ago, to create panic,
they had the sound of a fax or modum
getting louder and louder making it seem
something was really happening.
With that one I expressed doubts
and the man became irate and aggressive,
pretty much screamingly trying to boss me around,
infuriated that I was suggesting he was lying.

It has rarely changed, dumb ass aggression

I hung up eventually and nothing ever came of it,
til reading the newspaper article, and hearing as how
they’ve succeeded in getting people to avail them of their computer access and taken everything, (which they cannot do
without the frightened cooperation of the victim. JUST HANG UP. hang up without answering anything, and if you have already answered some things hang up. Zero is their number.

This one was attempting to sound more polite and helpful. After the previous, (they have intention, but not ability)

and another type of abusive crank call received by a dear dear individual, I’d talked to police non-emergency personnel, and was told there is little they can do.
Second hand in the case of the abusive crank call (which involved calling them by their real name in the midst of screams of someone being tortured) the advice was to call your phone service provider and have them flag the call.

So this one tonight, when I realized what it was,
I was 100% ready. Yhe criminal caller, I noticed
the new connection that came after the sound of
rings of an outgoing call,

there was a deep warped echo whenever I spoke,
so I took to imitating and exaggerating it in my responses. When they put out their spiel about the problem effecting my “windows computer” I let out a slow motion demonic laugh, pausing between each piece of laugh for the echo to resound,
they tried to resume, and when they paused to hear my response again, I went even deeper slow motion roaring slow voice drawing out every syllable as I said

“ohhhhh yyyyrrrrryesssssss
iiiiii’mmmmmmmm ssssurrrrrrrrrre
youuuuuuuu knnnnnnnnnowwwwwwwww eeeeeevvvvvvvvvvveerrrrrrrrrrrr

and hung up and called rogers.
When the first service person heard how serious
an accusation I was making, they whisked me to a senior customer service personnel and we had quite an intense, heartfelt discussion. They can’t, he says, access
the number of whoever called, until the time of the bill comes on, and all they can do is flag it but they have no investigative powers, and that I should call police.
I told him, I called police the last time, and they said they can’t access the phone number, but that I should call my service provider and have them flag the call so the number could be captured. This took the guy aback, and I could hear him clicking away on his keyboard as I explained how serious the issue was, as well as what I remembered of the newspaper article, and other descriptive help, at least for that one customer service guy’s knowledge. He then read out all the usual stuff about not giving out any information if someone calls claiming to be them and asks for that info not to give it. Funny how that meets up with their service upgrade inquiries! Not well! Reminded me of my long philosophical discussions with census canada over such isseus! What a send up !

Less is not so much more but precisely. ride the titanic with us

Your permanent zillion generation family

But I saved the power kicker til well til the end. Having established that it was their machinery being abused to terrorize the vulnerable, I gave them a captain kirk like speech about how I have an 84 year old mother who uses internet and phone and so on, and how the sooner the better these criminals are put out of business, the distress they could cause JUST HANG UP! AND NOTHING HAPPENS ~ And how I’m sure Rogers wants to not be responsible for this kind of thing happening

and while the guy was still floating on that psychic bulls eye I then blandished him with all sorts of encouragements
about dealing with the urgency of the situation and to definitely flag it, lock in that call. When you hear the silence hang up.

I do believe the man’s curiousity about it will have him following up. What a choice moment eh? About 25% of our taxes go to the many police forces and it’s police to rogers, rogers back to police, until you really stick to it
and stick to pressing the point. As our rights and cultural assets are continually auctioned by politicians serving corporations, the lone citizen’s unsupported battles
become that much more fashioned from poetry training.


What a great show that was, all those star ship captains.




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