September 26, 2011

100,000 poets 2011 cinecycle

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It was fascinating to have a global intentionally political poetry event… Almost a hundred countries, hundreds of events, and asking poetry to be a little more specifically concerning of the outcomes of reality, while at the same time revealing poetry’s admittance of every kind of concern.

We were only directly involved in the saturday night cinecycle event, and the happy wonder of who was present and those not present, and the changeful crowd through the night.

On the whole the spart environment with huge puddles in the gravel and mouseshit alleys behind those cement buildings on lower spadina, definitely for the gritty. Joanne took all the best photos between us so photography in this review is minimal til she adds her pictures… (Well on the way to incorporating her’s for my Mum to see, but in a pure readings writeup sense, which in Louise’s events always includes multimedia she believes is operating in the poet modality, the real show highlights were pretty certainly “The Torontonians” and the “Leone Stars”

The Torontonians are a Parkdale based happy dischord choir
of sorts, Parkdalian children and teens who swarm the stage and try to playfully live up to their reputation, starting out each piece all organized, then gradually having it break apart to everyone loudly declaring at once, amid the screams and sound poetry as it unfolds. They did about 5 rounds of this to hectic hilarity and then filtered out, down the alley and back to parkdale. Entertaining. One assesses that a wonderfully vocal generation will emerge from Parkdale over the years.

The Leone Stars was a film about a soccer team in Sierra Leone which dominates the world of amputee soccer, spectacular players, so much good will, one of the film’s makers there in person to talk about it, the team is coached by the brother of a young man who had his leg amputated, while many of the other team members live together as a family, stunningly talented in a land of forever high unemployment and never paved roads.

It was rough having it go til 11:30 and I wondered a bit about all the 100,000 poets not being mainly about poetry’s little moment to instead of having it have to run through the movies and movie making specially the 911 piece, and people who couldn’t be present, causing the 2 hour poetry event to become three and a half hours, and they couldn’t show up? Poetry has to wait after tv once again… internet youtube indi culure, but a lot of the poetry readers read things Ive seen before as well, and I found my own older poems seemed solider for the occasion, and more useful than recent work, people had come from all over, thunder bay, parkdale, cobourg, windsor,

…but being uncomfortable on poetry’s behalf is at the core of it, even as some poetry is so nice. I just thought more of the presenters could have been more focused and direct instead of running long with merely over reaching long sets. (((This part of my review is very personal. I read first, and determinedly aimed for the 8 minute all value reading, while others felt like ‘at last, the chance to speak’ or just disregarded context and length issues entirely. 8 minutes is a lot of time. I’d really advocate that for poetry, more urgency, and don’t go overlong but get there. And definitely, don’t just mail it in. It was very much about presence in the literal world ]this e


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  1. This opened up a lot of unanswered poetry questions to me at just the right time. Parkdale sets sound like something worth seeing. Hard to describe, I think. Would like to have known what it was that YOU read. Maybe reproduce it here? I hadn’t heard about this 100,000 poets till after it was over, both in Toronto and world-wide. With so many places to put information, why is it so little of it seems to seep down to the masses like me?

    Comment by Rose DeShaw — September 27, 2011 @ 10:57 am

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