September 12, 2011

Escaping Toronto Eastward

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We’ve had our challenges with our very rapid vacations going eastward (which I always think of as North because it also leads there, but getting out of Toronto, getting out of Toronto is the best relaxant and health remedy so we keep trying. The weekend could have focused on finding ways to get the FordBros! thinking off our city, but there’s also protest by taking it elsewhere.

It seems to me the city has been making it palpably difficult to escape it. They block this access or that access or politicize this or that feature of life here, and it’s just as effectiv to boycott and fight back by rejoiced absence. If the suburbanites want to make downtown Toronto a pure moneymaker, a 100% giver, and be only takers from it, like a bullfighter, red swoosh!, spend thee money elsewhere, vote with feet, all these things.

I will start with the most helpful escape routes: leaving toronto eastward the uphill churn to the 401 can be blocked in various ways, while the lakefront roads are like 17 of 19 lanes lead somewhere, and it’s easy to wind up in east toronto or scarborough going in an unknown direction. One time we continued swerving and swerving and making hazardous stressful decisions and came up under the residential skyscrapers, clearly heading back into the downtown. The escape route is here: Who’d have thought it’d be almost underground like that? The only way out in that direction? Stress city! I can hear myself in the passenger city past exits saying “No, it couldn’t be, there’s got to be a more apparent way of heading eastish. But that is the entrance to the road that launches out on stilts past the new FordBrosBoonDoggle Lands and off into the likes of Cobourg and Brighton. 401 is easier.
There’s always surprises. I always theoretically agreed with the attempt to keep torontonians weekend business, and there’s certainly businesses I’d just try to save, but the prevention of escape at other times definitely is something to contend with.

I’d gladly bike everything, but it’s such a hostile city to healthy living. Attacks on art and everything about money. Thats what they feel is necessary, so we take it away. Strikes and boycotts and argument is what we have. Up the millionaires asses with their hubris and contracomplicated thinking.

My bones become air once outside the area.

Even while, glimpsing the beauty of this place.

returning to toronto is pretty tough as well

and there it is, how to get back into toronto, that one line, 3rd right, but not the collectors, that one lane goes straight and loops into the allen

friendly good people of Oshawa, what a lakefront! and at the tim hortons we went to the guys at the next table were pittsburgh system coaches, there they were behind the bench tonight, but barlowhockey wordpress for stories like that. The shwa is a good place, I'm glad they're tough there, culture clash city. The Tims there near the rink has controlled washroom access because of the crack user and homeless population, just like Toronto. People actually gather on lawnchairs at the back of tim's parking lot, smoking, drinking coffee and hanging out there. Oshawa.


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