August 9, 2011

more of the same, but with a new feral!

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With our world’s finances in such frantically unstable hands, and age old problems of divided society’s so plainly unmanageable, to the stress of all concerned, Tottenham racialization, Syrian racialization, economically divided nations, foul leadership, for all that, today proved a day of the old wonder for me. They had light famous classical music in both warehouse segments today, maybe that caused it? I put in a 9 hour day, and upon leaving, immediately heard the ludicrous call of an unusual bird, and discovered it a fabulous evening in the sky. Then rounded behind the building to cut through to the bus, and there, under one of the trucks, a happy little black and white feral, about half grown up but peaceable on his own and having hunted some food. A couple people from the company were back there and I said “you guys have a cat under your truck.” To my shock they declared that that ones always around, and there’s a black one too. …Might Gem live on? I haven’t seen him since late winter. The new black and white is clearly related. It’s been two years since the sibling black and whites last phased me with their omnipresence, til finally seeing them together. Whats so great about it is it means the new ones an indigenous, born there, knows no other life. Not the world’s best fate, but it’s all too easy to imagine worse these days. The Syrian Protestors who come out en masse in the face of bullets rather than return home to await arrest and torture. Oh England. It’s not the one recent killing, but the series of deaths in custody. People there are thinking dare we liberate ourselves from this nation also? Meanwhile the foundations of the rest of modernity teeter precariously. We’re only so adaptable individually. We live as long as we live.

And it’s stranger than it might seem. The bird was some relative of a blue jay, visibly only grey creamy silhouette, (as was everything else today!) Maybe FordBros1Harris2Flaherty3 have approved extree incineration to save money on trash? Flushing birds and animals back down our way? Who knows.


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  1. Loving that there are signs of life once again in the world of the Downsview ferals!!

    Comment by blueberryerie — August 10, 2011 @ 2:16 am

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