July 26, 2011

neoliberalism, a phrase at last explained

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It’s been rough, all these years, wondering ‘why the phrase neoliberal’ to describe the wave of business-first anti-complex anti-compassionate politics of recent decades. People think you’re arguing arguing the main argument, not asking about the phrase in itself. Some think you’re teasing, or exposing your own neoliberal agenda. Others might think you’re too dumb to get the usage. Some probably didn’t know why that phrase became the usage.
It’s the rare soul stops and answers with some fairly precise to what one is asking. ie., that Milton Friedman and other such theorists chose to use that phrase,

Why those who dislike it so stuck with that phrase and turned its misleading vaguery into the anti-banner of their arguments remains unexplained. My helpful answerer did not venture a guess on that aspect of it.
It seems to me to produce overlapping clutter. Nonetheless I’m not arguing that for instance the Liberal Party of any country was or was not guilty of neoliberalism. They’re capable of going either way on the range of issues at the core of the matter. Nonetheless, there’s nothing in any way liberal about anything cast in the wide net of the imagining by anyone of neoliberalism.

Unless we are to live with phraseologies that are all quadruple stretched metaphors all the time. All collective effort toward the profits of a tiny oligarchy! The time has come for socialism for the rich! People with money should feel free to choose the nation where their shellgame profits shall be taxed based on attractive rates! The courts must be made to strangle the opposition to carpetbagging! Self-defense must be banned if it is the powerful attacking!

Either way the reality is intolerable. Companies actually buy other companies as investments in the lawsuits those companies could wage on everyone else. This is a stark bastardization of the notion of being ‘wronged’ – where they weren’t at all even remotely wronged, but specifically bought a company so as to sue people from it. The corporate lawsuit industry is now a towering business unto itself. It is approximately 100% unproductive activity using tons of resources up almost just to prevent the vast majority of humanity from having any resources. The goal seems extinction.

Not that long ago even business barons knew that if the general populace had no wealth to spend there’d be nobody to buy the products. But modern business has no products, only contracts and lawsuits. A massively expensive, almost perfectly useless mass of men in suits bullshitting. People are still two legged with brains, stomachs, and interests. Supporting the wealthy charlattans costs way too much.

~ John


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